Sunday, October 26, 2008

WWE Cyber Sunday 08 Results and Review

The yearly interactive PPV hit the airwaves today, and here is a full review and results to how it all went down!

Cyber Sunday, Phoenix Az
Sunday, October 26th 2008

Rey Mysterio Jr defeated Kane (No Holds Barred)

39% of the voting got these two involve din a No Holds Barred Match up.

Kane really took advantage of the match rules, as he was literally bending Rey Mysterio in half. He was looking as strong as ever, not unlike his Raw matches this past week between him and the main eventers. Rey took a beating for the beginning of this match, and I thought for sure it was going to be all over for him. Rey really looked bad in this match, really selling that he’s a small guy, as Kane once again worked on the lower back of Rey. Mysterio mounted a comeback, sending the giant into the second ropes and prone to the 619 but it backfired as Kane knocked him out with a huge lariat. A chair came into play as it should, considering the rules, and Mysterio finally got a chance. Leaping off the top rope after a near fall things looked great for him, but Kane caught him with a huge right hand. Kane brought in the steel steps into the ring and might have been a bad idea because he landed head first into them several minutes later. Mysterio then grabbed a chair and swung for the fences and had Kane reeling, Mysterio hit the 619 afterwards then leaped off the top ropes with a splash, and got the pinfall over the big man! Mysterio defeated Kane, in a No Holds Barred Match!

The divas took turn showing off their Halloween costumes, and they all looked ugly to me. I’m sorry, they look sick, they have a TON of makeup on, and they just look lame.

Matt Hardy defeated Evan Bourne

69% of the voting went to Evan Bourne in this match up (I think)

Evan Bourne really took it to Hardy in this one. Hardy did a flurry of offense in this match up but overall it was Bourne who looked amazing in this match up. Evan Bourne hit every single move he had on Hardy, and Hardy still managed to kick out of things. I thought for sure Bourne was going to get the title, but Hardy kept coming back for more. Matt Hardy made Bourne look amazing, taking everything but the kitchen sink from Bourne. Bourne went to the top rope and the end was near, he then when for the shooting star press, but MISSED! Hardy had it all sewn up, it seemed, and went for the Twist of Fate, but got countered into a roll up, then after the near fall finally hit the Twist of Fate for the win! But not without nearly losing the title to bourne! This match was match of the night, and these two will most likely meet again sooner than later.

The Miz & Morrison defeated Cryme Tyme

35% of the voting went to Cryme Tyme facing The Miz & Morrison

I felt like I’ve seen this match before for free, so it was odd to think that this was going on in PPV format. Whatever the case is, this match had an interesting flow to it, with Cryme Tyme taking control of the first half of the match up. They really got the crowd involved too, as they really took it to the former champions. Things turned around though, and Miz and Morrison had a lot of quick tags coupled with rest holds. They also worked on Shad’s leg, isolating the big man in the ring with leg locks and half-Boston crabs. Once again, it should be noted that the team of Miz and Morrison were really doing well as a team here, as they were the obvious veterans. Shad tagged his partner in and things looked great for Cryme Tyme until Miz got the leg up on JTG, causing the tables to turn back into his favor. The rest of the match was a back and forth affair, and things looked good in the final stages for Cryme Tyme. Shad had things all sewn up but Miz jumped in for the interference, prompting Morrison to deliver his finisher and get the pinfall! I still felt that I’ve seen this match up for free on television, but I guess the fans voted it in, so things are ok, right? Yeah.

The Honky Tonk Man defeated Santino

35% of the voting went to The Honky Tonk Man!!!!

I was jumping out of my chair for this one, as Honky Tonk Man came out and looked amazing. I was marking out like a school girl for this one, and couldn’t believe that it was really Honky Tonk Man! I kid you not, this is NOT a joke, it was Honky Tonk Man and NOT Charlie Haas at all. The two locked up and here we went, a real Match up! Wow! I was seriously over joyed to see Honky Tonk out there and he hadn’t seemed to miss a step at all! He was looking great out there, and Santino was selling it like he was dying at every moment! This match ended when Beth Phoenix interfered costing Santino the match via DQ!

Afterwards, Goldust came out and so did Roddy Piper! They each took turns dropping Santino like a bad habit, and Santino took the Shake Rattle and Roll!! The Crowd went nuts and the former Intercontinental Champions celebrated in the ring, while Santino was on the floor selling the Shake Rattle and Roll!

The Undertaker defeated The Big Show

49% of the voting went to a Last Man Standing Match

This match started with the two going at it fist for fist. This opening resembled a box match way more than a wrestling match, at least for the opening moments. Taker was swinging for the fences during this match up and he really looked to be landing some stiff shots, but Big Show came back and threw Taker over the guard rail and into the crowd. Big Show looked to have this match in control, but Taker grabbed him and dropped him throat first into the guard rail. Undertaker then got back into the ring and started to resemble that old Undertaker that I grew up watching weekly. This was short lived as Big Show immediately ended the onslaught with a huge clothesline. He then systematically started to clamp down on the Undertaker and started to deliver some huge right hands. These looked really stiff, I’m not sure if they meant to make it look more “real” or not, but Show was definitely landing some heavy hands onto Undertaker. Undertaker seemed to be getting worked a lot in this match and then he got a DDT onto Big Show, and things started to look great for the dead man. But of course, it’s too easy to have Undertaker mount the initial comeback and win the match, so things spilled out onto the outside and Big Show hit taker with the announce table’s monitors! Then he went for a chair, and Undertaker looked dazed as Big Show was stalking his prey. Undertaker socked out a chair which was cool, but the Big Show threw Undertaker through the announcers table! He looked out, as the ref started the count. This match seemed similar to the last time they did the exact same match, at No Mercy. In fact, this match was almost a clone to that match in a lot of different ways. Out of the blue, when all hope was gone for The Undertaker, he slapped on that triangle choke onto Big Show and after a long bout of Show tapping out like a drunk man, Undertaker let go to a seemingly dead Big Show, and after stumbling a few times, got up before the 10 count and Big Show was still gone. Undertaker defeats Big Show in a last man standing match!

Mickie James won the diva costume contest as Laura Croft

I admit, Mickie James looked good; I never thought I would eat my words so fast.

Triple H defeated Jeff Hardy

57% of the vote went to Jeff Hardy

I was surprised that the voting went to Jeff Hardy, I really was hoping for Kozlov to finally get a shot at the title, since he has been begging for more competition. I hoped that the wrestling fans would be smarter than this, but of course, I’m wrong. The match started with the two men trying to chain wrestle, which favored Triple H rather than Hardy. Things started slow, and eventually started to pick up with Triple H taking over initially but Hardy reversing his attempts at overpowering him. This was good as usual, the two going at it as if they knew each other well; which they do. Triple H was focusing on Hardy’s shoulder, ramming it into the ring post then applying a triangle submission onto the arm and shoulder. The announce team kept saying that Triple H was working on the elbow, and not the shoulder, so we’ll just go with that. Triple H was landing everything, and things were going well for him, until Hardy dropped him with a great flying clothesline (great stuff there). He then started to change things with several dropkicks, a low dropkick, and his signature leg drop to the bread basket. Hardy really changed things up with such a quick momentous turn around of offense. Triple H started to finally look like he was beatable! That is until he slapped on the Crippler Crossface! That’s right folks, the Cripple Crossface was slapped on, shades of Chris Benoit for sure! Hardy looked bad in this too, he really looked like he was going to give up, and I couldn’t help but remember how great of a wrestler Chris Benoit was before the tragic events that surround his death and the death of his family. Whatever the case is, Triple H had Jeff Hardy in the Crippler Crossface for what seemed like forever! The fight went to the outside after Hardy reversed the crossface into a pin, and Hardy was the aggressor now. He lept off the steel steps and really got the crowd behind him, leaving Triple H to try to get back within the ten count. Hardy landed the Whisper in the Wind, then went back up and landed it again! Triple H looked defeated! Nope. Two count and it was close, and Triple H kicked out. Hardy then proceeded to give Triple H everything that he had, including the swanton bomb, and afterwards went back to deliver another one off the top, but Triple H put his knees up and hardy’s back seemed to bend in half. This counter looked really painful. Hardy then recovered and tried once again for a third Swanton, but Triple H caught up to him and dragged him off the top rope for the Pedigree and it was done. Jeff Hardy was once again buried by Triple H, the guy that holds back the roster; what a good match. Lots of near falls, it really kept me guessing, and Triple H really pulled that Pedigree out of nowhere! Triple H defeats Jeff Hardy once again and NO ONE was surprised by how it turned out.

Batista defeated Chris Jericho to win the World Title

Special Guest Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin

74% of the vote went to Stone Cold Steve Austin

Jericho looked like he was going to walk out of this match, until Stone Cold demanded he come back or else. Batista then lost control and Jericho really went to work on the left knee of Batista. Stone Cold wasn’t even counting anything, he just let things go, so this match might as well had no rules to speak of. He did however start counting the ten count when someone was outside, but he wasn’t too deliberate. Jericho was looking like a hunter, focusing on Batista’s leg and putting pressure on the contender. Jericho even had Batista in the Walls of Jericho and was set to get the victory, as he was looking like the old Lionheart that I first saw in ECW! Batista then turned things around with a nice spinning slam, and was trying to get the Batista Bomb onto Jericho, but Jericho got caught up in the ropes. Y2J then went to the top and leaped for it, but Batista caught him and things were looking grim for the champion, until Batista ran shoulder first into the ring post! Batista recovered and dove off the top rope with a shoulder tackle, ala John Cena! Jericho then walked right into another slam, but rolled over onto Batista for another near fall! A ref bump happened and Stone Cold was out on the floor, Jericho hit the code breaker and pinned batista with no ref! HBK ran down to count but he didn’t pull his hand down, which was a lot like Shane McMahon as the guest ref back at Survivor Series 98! Batista hit the spinebuster, and HBK flew down for the pin, but out ran JBL to stop him from counting. By this time, Stone Cold was gathering himself on the apron, and Jericho hit Batista’s leg once again with a chop block! Jericho then went to the outside to grab his championship belt, as Randy Orton ran down and knocked out Stone Cold! That’s right, ORTON took out Stone Cold! Jericho then hit Batista with the title belt, for a near fall. Stone Cold woke up and hit Randy Orton with the Stone Cold stunner! Then went to hit Jericho with it, Batista hit Jericho with the spinebuster and then grabbed him for the Batista Bomb and laid him out flat! Stone Cold then jumped up and counted the 1-2-3 and Batista is the NEW World Heavyweight CHAMPION! That’s right, Batista finally gets the world heavyweight championship!

WWE Cyber Sunday 08 Results

Rey Mysterio Jr defeated Kane (No Holds Barred)
Matt Hardy defeated Evan Bourne
The Miz & Morrison defeated Cryme Tyme
The Honky Tonk Man defeated Santino (via dq)
The Undertaker defeated The Big Show (Last Man Standing)
Mickie James won the diva costume contest as Laura Croft
Triple H defeated Jeff Hardy
Batista defeated Chris Jericho to win the World Title

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  1. I am surprised it was Stone Cold Steve Austin as special referee... and by such a huge margin too.

    And I would have thought people would have gone with the Triple Threat for the Triple H/Kozlov/Hardy thing.



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