Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ECW 10/28/08 Review and Results

I had no hopes for ECW this week, I just didn’t expect a whole lot, and plus…Teddy Long started the show with a laughable costume. So I wasn’t keen on seeing good stuff tonight.

Mark Henry, Bam Neely, and Chavo Guerrero defeated Evan Bourne, Finlay, and Matt Hardy

I know I haven’t been on Chavo’s side in a long time, but I think that with the right storyline we can see a turn in Chavo. In fact, we could see a positive crowd towards him. However, this is not the future and people hate Chavo out there. The match was good, each man got in his moves and once again Evan Bourne was going to town, however he looked to have injured his ankle as he threw himself out of the ring. Evan Bourne, after that real looking injury was getting manhandled by Neely and Mark Henry after a quick commercial break. The bad guys were looking great in this time, working as a team, quick tags and putting on a good show. I liked this match, it wasn’t as bad as I expected, however you’ve probably already seen this before, and while I appreciate the effort, it just seems recycled to me. The best parts of this match involved Evan Bourne and Matt Hardy, with both really getting the better of their opponents at different parts of the match. Hornswoggle doing a suicide dive into Tony Atlas was also hilarious. The end of the match happened when the ring was cleared out and Chavo dove off the top rope with a frog splash onto Matt Hardy, for the clean victory. Chavo might be getting a shot at the title sooner than later. I’d like to see him as a strong champion, but I doubt it will happen.

They are really showcasing all things John Cena! Seriously, this is hilarious. I hope he gets a heel turn.

Jack Swagger defeated Tommy Dreamer

Honestly, I don’t know why Tommy Dreamer still has a job. No offense to the man himself, but come on, he’s the only real ECW original still on the show and he hasn’t shown any of that old time Ecw flare. In fact, he doesn’t show the heart he did back then, as he now wrestles the safer wwe style. This match wasn’t all that great, Swagger looked good, but he lacks a little something, I’m not sure what. Tommy Dreamer did get in a lot of offense, trying to teach Swagger a lesson, but the much bigger wrestler was just too much for Dreamer. This match was laughable at best. So laughable that Dreamer even missed his running bulldog, screwing it up, Swagger still sold it. There was an impressive northern lights suplex counter by Swagger, which was the best thing I’ve seen in wrestling in a long time. In fact, Swagger’s counters make him look amazing compared to dreamer. Swagger wins clean, as he does some random gut wrench looking slam. Dreamer loses again.

The Dirt Sheet

Miz and Morrison took to the ring to do their online show live, the Dirt Sheet Hit the air. This was hilarious and disrespectful indeed. I liked it, but I would have much rather had more wrestling than just two matches.

ECW Results 10/28/08

Mark Henry, Bam Neely, and Chavo Guerrero defeated Evan Bourne, Finlay, and Matt Hardy
Jack Swagger defeated Tommy Dreamer

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