Friday, October 31, 2008

TNA Impact 10/30/08 The Making of the Mafia

I hate the tag lines. Th new TNA intro is exactly like the old RAW is War/Attitude era WWE intro, complete with rain, cages, and women. I hope this doesn’t suck.

The show starts with Aj Styles and Samoa Joe ranting about how no one helped them when they were beating up the Main Event Mafia. Joe is out there and he looked pissed too. It’s hilarious. These guys don’t need to open the show, we need more wrestling, less talk. The Motor City Machine Guns and the rest of the tna roster hits the ring to join the two, but the guns don’t really want to join the revolution of sorts. Samoa Joe slaps one member of the Machine Guns, and her comes the Main Event Mafia! They take turns on the mic and I’m bored, you should be bored too. The Main Event Mafia declares war tonight on Impact!

Christy Hemme & ODB defeated The Beautiful People

Not a horrible match, this had Hemme starting out and ODB coming in with quick tags, these two really have a good amount of talent and work together well. The Beautiful people are good at taking bumps, well about as good as I’ve seen from so called “model” wrestlers. Velvet Sky took advantage of a quick ref distraction and The Beautiful People took control of the match and things were looking bad for Hemme and ODB. The middle of this match was boring, and while The knockouts are usually good at wrestling, this time around they seemed a little out of it. The Beautiful People weren’t exactly all that good at all towards the end of this match and really showed that they need more in ring work. ODB looked great, and I’m always impressed by her athleticism if not by the stupid gimmick she has. ODB gets the win on this one, and it’s all over.

Eric Young defeated James Storm

Apparently the whole TNA war angle is NOT applicable to the tag team division. This match wasn’t all that bad, it was actually kind of cool. Eric Young defeated James Storm after a misfire distraction from his partner, and gets the win in a short match. There wasn’t a whole lot to mention in this one. It was quick, easy, and painless.

What happened to the Super Eric gimmick? I’m just saying.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Tanahashi & Volador

First and foremost, The Machine Guns need to get better intro music. They need something heavier than their treble heavy guitar hero style music. They need something from the band “Godsmack” like “I Stand Alone” or something like that. Trust me, I know these things.

This immediately broke into a high flying match with the foreign wrestlers making themselves look amazing, as both guys were doing the Japan/Lucha style to start the match up. The Machine Guns turned the table and they pulled off a win with The Cradle Shock and things were over fast. The start of this match was amazing, however, the turn in the middle and the ending was lame. This was too short of a match to warrant a lot of praises, so I’ll just say this one was watchable but not by much.

Samoa Joe & Aj Styles defeated Booker T & Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash is NOT in his prime and to see him out there trying to wrestle Aj is just lame to me. Styles did turn the tables around a little, however the show went to commercial break. When we return things were back in business with Booker T messing up Samoa Joe. Joe looked good returning some of the shots to Booker T, but Booker is just way too fast. He is just so good, Booker T is amazing here, and Joe looked winded at times, and then Kevin Nash came in and started to drop elbows onto Joe. The veterans looked great, even though Nash is older, he had some problems lifting Joe for the sidewalk slam, but other than that things were actually picking up a little. The end came when Booker T missed a scissors kick, then hit the Pele kick for the clean pin over Booker T.

Abyss defeated Kurt Angle via disqualification

This match started with Abyss really taking it to Kurt Angle. I liked that Angle wasn’t able to dominate this match at all. He was getting worked so much that he eventually left ringside and tried to leave through the crowd! After the commercial break, Kurt Angle attacked Abyss by hitting his legs and trying to make the big man go down. He was setting him up for the Ankle Lock submission. (Stolen from Ken Shamrock’s WWE Run) Abyss had a second wind but ran into a Blackhole Slam from Abyss and after the near fall, I had my doubts as to how this match was going to end. Angle hit the Olympic slam and that couldn’t get the big man down! Kurt Angle faked an injury, went outside grabbed a chair and leveled Abyss with it, and lost the match due to disqualification. He then went inside and locked on the Ankle Lock submission. Abyss kept trying to fight, but then Angle was trying to scrape Abyss’ back where he is supposedly burned on. Lame. Angle continues to beat up Abyss until Matt Morgan runs down and starts to level the former champ.

Didn’t Angle defeat Matt Morgan already? Yeah. This is lame to me. Out came the Main Event Mafia and started to beat down Matt Morgan, Morgan started to fight back but Kevin Nash came into the ring and knocked out Matt Morgan and Abyss with a steel chair! The fight member of the Main Event Mafia showed up as the TNA originals ran into the ring, and guess who he was?

BIG POPPA PUMP SCOTT STEINER comes back and joins the Main Event Mafia!

TNA Impact Results 10/30/08

Christy Hemme & ODB defeated The Beautiful People
The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Tanahashi & Volador
Samoa Joe & Aj Styles defeated Booker T & Kevin Nash
Abyss defeated Kurt Angle via disqualification

If you remember the old WCW days when the New World Order was mopping up every night, this is exactly like that. Basically the Veterans end up beating up everyone in the originals faction!

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