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WWE No Mercy 08 Results and Review

I joined in the ppv at this point, because I happened to get a late invite to watch it, so I took up the offer and went to check this mess out.

Rey Mysterio defeated Kane via DQ

The Mysterio Match was cool, and Kane really put some work into this one. Mysterio looked legitimately hurt as he seemed to be favoring his knee a lot. Kane hit Mysterio in the face with a chair as he was flying outside the ring, and the match was over. I'm not sure if this ending was planned or not, it could have been Mysterio's knee that forced a quick ending, or it could've been something else, I'm not sure how it all went down, point is a DQ finish to this match up.

Batista defeated JBL

Batista defeated JBL in a really short match after the Batista bomb. JBL got on the mic and started crying, and he is probably going to retire soon, he sucks anyways. Cryme Tyme, Sgt. Slaughter, and Mickie James stole JBL's limo while he was crying, that was funny, and away we go.

The Big Show defeated Undertaker

This match was somewhat boring. It started to pick up and I got into this one, but then Big Show hit the Undertaker with a left hand knocking him out, and that was the match. Big Show wins with a left hand. What a horrible piece of crap. This is the worst match I've ever seen. Undertaker is supposedly scary and dark, and mysterious but he goes down on a left hand? Screw that. This sucks! Way to "bury" the Undertaker wwe, way to go, I hated this you can tell.

Triple H defeated Jeff hardy

A classic is what I was expecting in this match, and you know what? After that horrible finish we had to sit through with the Big Show Undertaker match, this one looked like it was 4 stars! Hardy missed what seemed like every attempt to hit Triple H with a high flying move, at least early on. At one point Triple H moved out of the way of Hardy who was doing a front flip out of the ring, only to land on the floor straight on his back. With no remorse, the champion was really letting Hardy tire himself out with these high risk maneuvers. Triple H put Hardy into some great rest holds, and brought me memories of classic matches with Savage, Hogan, and others. Triple H putting on the Abdominal stretch made me mark out like a 4th grader watching his first Royal Rumble! The misses were done towards the end of the match, Triple H was letting Hardy hit all his high risk maneuvers, and it wasn't half bad! Lots of near falls in this one, and I was actually really intrigued with how it was turning out, even though my better judgment was tugging at me, and I wasn't 100% sure things were great, but I went with it, because the Taker match ended so bad! Triple H blocked the whisper in the wind, and I thought for sure it was a mistake, but they made it look good! It was alright, because within five minutes Triple H looked to be on the losing end with Hardy throwing everything at him but the kitchen sink as far as offense is concerned! Near fall city! Hardy seemed really desperate as he went up for his final Swanton Bomb, and hit it 100% only to get turned over by TRIPLE H for the 1-2-3, TRIPLE H defeats Jeff Hardy in one heck of a battle for the WWE TITLE!

Jeff Hardy was noticeably upset, and Triple H didn't do a whole lot of celebrating. Hardy looked to be really distraught after putting everything into this match up only to lose again to Triple H. I'm not 100% sure if Triple H is going to give Jeff Hardy another shot at the title, but things could be a lot worse. Triple H once again beats the up and comer, and this time, clean again! No sledgehammer, no interference, clean victory Triple H wins again...surprise surprise.

Chris Jericho defeated HBK

Fast paced start, we get right to the action, and we even get a Walls of Jericho right outside the ring! I was really getting into this one, but I thought SHawn Michaels should have gotten more offense in, and really stomped a mudhole into Chris Jericho, but the pacing was goind well overall. They had the freedom to take their time, for once. Jericho took a stiff shot to the face from the ladder, and I thought at this point he should've been busted open, and he was, the hard way! Jericho was bleeding from the mouth pretty badly, and Michaels looked to have gotten the match sealed up quickly. Jericho sling shotted Michaels right onto the Ladder and I thought this match was going to be over fast, but Jericho knocked Michaels off the top of the ladder! This match looked like it was going to be over fast, but things really slowed down after that point. Jericho gave HBK a lot of harsh shots including slamming the ladder legs on HBK while his head was between them! Jericho was really looking good in the midst of HBK's fans going nuts! Jericho looked as though he hurt his arm, and while he was laid out on the outside of the ring, HBK threw the ladder onto him, and business really picked up! HBK set up a ladder spot, and Jericho met him at the top, and BOOOM! Jericho and HBK both went crashing down through the announce table, and of course the thing exploded into pieces, this of course buying both men some time to rest. This spot had Jericho on the losing end, with Michaels landing on top of him! Jericho didn't look so hot afterwards, but the two men got back into the ring and despite HBK favoring his arm, and Jericho messing with the ladder, things went back into full throttle with Jericho nearly knocking HBK out with the tip of the ladder! HBK was going for the sweet chin music and BOOM ladder shot to the forehead, and this of course set up the LIONSAULT on the LADDER with HBK under it! Great spot, great match up, this thing was really going into full throttle now! HBK nearly gets the belt as Jericho is laid out on the outside floor, and HBK then gets thrown off the top into the ropes and his legs get caught ala Wrestlemania X and Jericho is now in control and moments away from the win! The Ref helped out, and HBK and Jericho were both fighting at the top of the ladder! Lance Cade comes charging to the ring to stop HBK, meanwhile Y2J was stuck in the ladder with his leg stuck! HBK hits Cade with Sweet chin music, Jericho is at the top, both men's hands were on the belt! One guy was pulling one end and the other was pulling on the other end! JERICHO accidentally knocks heads with Michaels, HBK falls nearly to his death (i kid) and Jericho ends up with the belt, falling off nearly head first into the canvas, Michaels knocked out cold!

WWE No Mercy 2008 Results

Beth Phoenix defeated Candice Michelle
Rey Mysterio defeated Kane via DQ
Batista defeated JBL
The Big Show defeated The Undertaker
Triple H defeated Jeff hardy
Chris Jericho defeated Shawn Michaels

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