Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ECW 10/7/08 Review and Results

ECW was in Spokane Washington last night, just 4 hours away from me, and it had quite the main event scheduled, and we open up the show with Finlay.

Tommy Dreamer & Finlay defeated Jack Swagger & Mike Knox

I can’t believe that the commentators were saying that Tommy Dreamer is one of the toughest guys in Ecw. Isn’t this the same Tommy Dreamer that is losing every week to random new guys? Early on Finlay and Dreamer really took Knox to the limits, with tandem moves, and everything that Tommy Dreamer has in his move set. We’re talking running bulldogs, hard clotheslines, suplexes and neck breakers, trying to make sure that he keeps job. He even jumps off the ring apron onto Swagger who was on the outside. This was short lived however, as Knox knocked out Dreamer to the outside and we get commercial! When we come back from the break, Knox was in there to full effect and things are going good for the bad guys. This too was fast because one minute or so later Finlay got the hot tag and was cleaning house, creating quite the momentum in this match. He picked up Knox on his shoulders and delivered the rolling slam, and I thought for sure this thing was over, but Swagger came in for the save. Meanwhile Hornswoggle did the tadpole splash on Knox, Finlay hit him in the head with the shalaly, and wins the match for his team.

A promo was shown for the Boogeyman, who is returning soon to Ecw. Why not? Hopefully he’s improved a little in his time off from the ring.

Mark Henry defeated Jamie Noble

Mark Henry basically killed Jamie Noble. I’m not sure why they pay Noble to just get the crap kicked out of him, because that’s all I ever see with the guy. He’s a good cruiserweight if the wwe would just give him a chance to sign. It’s stupid to see this crap, another squash match and Mark Henry is supposed to look like a real monster, but he doesn’t do that for me. He just looks like an idiot to me, because Noble is less than half his size.

John Morrison, Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, and The Miz defeated CM Punk, Ricky Ortiz, Kofi Kingston, and Evan Bourne

This match was definitely good, and it got a lot of time given to it to develop. Immediately the good guys were getting in all their spots, and things were looking great. Each guy was doing his moves, but after the good guys cleared the ring, we went to commercial break. When we got back from the break, Ted Dibiase had Evan Bourne in one heck of a predicament, and for once, I started to actually see Dibiase for the talent he’s got. He actually can wrestle, and unlike Cody, I think Dibiase could have a long career as a second generation superstar. They worked over Bourne a lot, and he wasn’t looking too hot during the middle of this match up. The end of the match came when the ring was getting cleared out, and the high fliers were all jumping out of the ring onto the heels. This left Cm Punk and Morrison fighting inside, and after a distraction from Manu, Punk was pinned and it was all over! Good match, fast paced and relevant. These young guys are really the future if they can continue to develop their in ring promo's and continue to put on good matches every week.

Ecw 10/7/08 Results

Tommy Dreamer & Finlay defeated Jack Swagger & Mike Knox
Mark Henry defeated Jamie Noble
John Morrison, Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, and The Miz defeated CM Punk, Ricky Ortiz, Kofi Kingston, and Evan Bourne

ECW had three matches, and it was worth it. Grisham said something that was awesome too, "The Jamaican's getting high!" as Kofi leaped off the top rope onto the outside, great stuff. I liked Ecw a lot.

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