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TNA Impact 10/9/08 Review and Results

Greetings from the sunnyville of California. Los Angeles to be exact, where I'm away from my mom's house. I'm glad she's got cable, otherwise I wouldn't be getting this review up. We open the show with Christian, Booker T and Aj Styles all trying to figure out what side Christian Cage is on. I don't like this angle at all, but then again, why not? Might as well.

Cute Kip defeated Rhino (No Dq Match)

Here we go, a no dq match between the newly gayed up Cute Kip and the War Machine Rhino. I haven't seen Rhino go to war in recent months, so I don't know what to say about all this, but hey, Cute Kip can wrestle if given a chance, so I had high hopes for this one. This match was boring, for a no dq match up. The match was basically rest holds for the most part, but late in the match The Beautiful People sprayed something in Rhino's eyes, then Cute Kip jumped rhino, and put him through a very weak looking table, and won this match easily.

Consequences Creed defeated Petey Willians (Big Petey Pump), Sonjay Dutt w/ So Cal Val, and Black Machismo Jay Lethal

They really wanted to load this match up, and we have a 4 way match up. The early favorite for me seemed to be Jay Lethal as he was getting the most offense in early on. Granted, Sonjay Dutt was focusing on Lethal with all his offense, leaving Consequences Creed and Petey Williams fighting each other inside the ring. We got a lot of spots, low drop kicks, big drop kicks, springboard clotheslines, neck breakers, and quick covers for two counts. No one seemed to get the clear cut advantage in the middle of the match up and it just seemed disorienting to try and keep up with all the wrestlers involved in this match up. In the midst of random finishing move attempts, Consequences Creed cleaned up house and got the pin, and things went down well. However, the camera's cut to Sheik Abdul Bashir in the background and made some stupid promo. Consequences Creed will go and wrestle Sheik Abdul Bashir at the next ppv. I liked Consequences Creed when he first came to TNA but now, he just doesn't seem the same. He should most likely lose at the ppv, making a gimmick match for a second shot at the TNA title, only to win it, and then feud with Sheik Bashir in a "USA" vs "Foreigner" feud, as they did in the late 70's and 80's and even a little in the early 90's with Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter. (I'm talking about Wrestlemania 7)

Why can't TNA fire Karen's Angle! I hate this, and I don't know anyone that likes this segment! Seriously, what a horrible piece of crap segment. Foley is on the show, and it's just stupid, I hate this segment.

The Blue Print Matt Morgan & The Abyss defeated Beer Money

Beer Money isolated Matt Morgan's knee after his initial onslaught of offense. He did look really good, dropping Beer Money with power moves easily, but he ended up getting worked over with a bum knee. Abyss got a hot tag and started cleaning house! Beer Money tried to make things go their way, but even with an injured Matt Morgan, Beer Money lossed this one when Abyss gave them the black hole slam and BOOM, we have ourselves some winners. This match wasn't all that bad, but it wasn't that great. It was somewhat boring at times, and while it was fast, it didn't really do it for me. Maybe it was because I was tired.

Raisha Saeed & Awesome Kong defeated Roxxi & Taylor Wilde

Smart knockouts match up, and a major step up from what I saw in WWE's diva's division. As much as WWE can improve on their diva's matches, they just don't measure up to these Knockout division matches. This one was great, Roxxi and Taylor WIlde were really working well as a team, and Roxxi was really putting a lot into this match up, I was really impressed with how much offense she got in on Kong and Saeed. Kong eventually gets thrown over the top rope, and Saeed gets double teamed, but in the middle of the match Taylor Wilde accidentally kicks Roxxi in the face! This caused some confusion, and while Roxxi looked like she was going to win this one after a missed monsault from Saeed, Kong jumped in and delivered the Implant Buster on Roxxi to win this tag match up! We immediately go to commercial, so that was that.

Christian Cage Special Guest Referee came out for the next match up!

A.J Styles defeated Booker T.

In what was easily an Impact classic, Booker T lost to A.J. styles and while we were suppose to see what side Christian was on, we actually never get to. Instead we get him added to the ppv match up, and now we won't ever know, unless a threeway featuring all three wrestlers is going to prove something. This match was good, lots of good high spots from styles, and booker t looked as fresh as ever. I liked this match up, but hated the commentary.

The end of impact bored me, with Samoa Joe and Sting brawling. I hate contract signings, they never turn out well.

TNA Impact Results 10/9/08
Cute Kip defeated Rhino (no dq match)
Consequences Creed defeated Petey Willians (Big Petey Pump), Sonjay Dutt w/ So Cal Val, and Black Machismo Jay Lethal
The Blue Print Matt Morgan & The Abyss defeated Beer Money
Raisha Saeed & Awesome Kong defeated Roxxi & Taylor Wilde
A.J. Styles defeated Booker T

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