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TNA Impact 10/2/08 Results and Review

I was looking forward to see TNA Impact, and I admit it was all because of Mick Foley arriving into the TNA. It was lackluster to say the least.

Angelina Love defeated ODB

WE get the Knockouts up front and in the center of the ring. ODB is gross to me, she’s really gross, she just looks weird to me, I’m sorry. The match was ok at best, it tried to be a lot, but it didn’t really pan out like I thought it would. The end came with Angelina Love getting the pin, thanks to interference, and it was all over.

It’s interesting to note that immediately after the match, Jeff Jarrett came out to the ring to discuss Kurt Angle’s comments. If you didn’t hear about the comments, here they are:

"...We call ourselves Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. We say: TNA – we are wrestling. No we’re not. We’re f***ing gimmick matches. Then there are the run-ins. At the last PPV, No Surrender, we had a triple threat main event between me, Christian Cage and Samoa Joe. We had a great match, but Samoa Joe won because Jeff Jarrett came in and hit me with a guitar. I would have won if Jeff didn’t do that."

There you have it. There you have it indeed. Kurt Angle is either swerving us all and this is a work, or this is a legit shoot and Jeff Jarrett is going to come out and talk legitimately. It’s funny that there is a storyline going on right now where Kurt Angle is wrestling Jeff Jarrett and this story comes out and is now a part of the storyline. I’m not sure what to believe from TNA, and maybe that’s the kind of push they need to gain interest into this feud.

The Jarrett Promo is a little weird. But he looks serious, I’m not sure if this is all a work or not, and you know what, I like that. I like not knowing, it’s about time someone does something a little different.

LAX defeated The Motor City Machine Guns

I like LAX and I had a vision as they were coming to the ring. What if WWE signed them, then signed Lil Cholo from the independent circuit, and then signed Hector Guerrero, brought in Chavo, and Super Crazy and we had a huge latino faction in the WWE? I know they tried before but that was more of a parody, not a legit faction. I think it could work.

This match was ok, it had a lot of spots, and it was fast paced. LAX are just as good as the Dudleys used to be. These guys are well fitted as a tag team and could go really far if they ever made it to the WWE, if the WWE really focused on the tag team division again. I can’t help but notice that the Machine Guns were allowed a lot of offense this week, considering that they have been on a losing streak for quite sometime. They really worked as a tag team in this one, with tandem moves, great reversals and lots of high flying, fast offense. Hernandez catching Sabin off the top rope and dropping him on the back of his head ended this match, and it was awesome to see how quick Hernandez reacted to Sabin flying off the top rope. This was like second nature, great ending, to a not so great match. It was ok, it wasn’t all that great, but it had enough spots to make things alright.

Sheik Abdul Bashir defeated Eric Young and Jimmy Rave

We go from getting the x-division champion getting squashed last week, to him dominating this match up. Well, I wouldn’t call it total domination, but he definitely didn’t look as weak as he did when he was wrestling Samoa Joe, which is good for the division, but lacks consistency if you ask me. This match was your standard three way match up, with lots of fast reversals, great interim spots, and overall good stuff. This match was quite entertaining, as it was moving with great speed, and almost flawless. I like these types of matches because I can turn my brain off for a little bit, and just let the little guys go out there and put on a real show.

Team 3D & Booker T defeated Jay Lethal, Christian, Aj Styles

Here’s your standard six man tag. It was ok, but the Dudleys looked tired near the middle of this match. Bubba Ray is not as in shape as he was on his singles push in the WWE, and I know that’s not saying a whole lot, but I really can’t believe how much weight he’s gained while working in TNA. This match had a lot of fast tags, and a lot of times where the teams were brawling outside of the ring. I have to give great credit to Jay Lethal and Booker T for opening this match with an allstar set of counters and moves. Booker T is so fast and so is Lethal, these two in a big profile singles match could bring the house down, because their timing is dead on accurate. I haven’t seen that kind of timing in a long time, and for such a young wrestler in Jay Lethal. He doesn’t need the Macho Man gimmick, he can be a stand alone star if TNA lets him. Christian nearly wins the match with a roll up, but the referee was distracted. Aj Styles jumped off the top rope, Bubba Ray moved out of the way and nailed Christian, causing him to lose the match with Booker T rolling him up and giving another loss to Christian.

ODB & Rhaka Khan defeated The Beautiful People

Since ODB lost via distraction earlier on in the match, she really wanted to get a match for later on in the match, so we get this tag team match up. I haven’t seen Rhaka Khan in a long time, and she didn’t seem to have ring rust initially, but she’s not that good, she’s really not that good. I’m serious, she doesn’t look to be up to par with the rest of the knockouts. You know what? I”ve seen this match before too. What the heck? I had the feeling of déjà vu the whole time, as I do recall this exact match happening before, but I don’t remember when. The match was a little boring to me, and there wasn’t enough of a push for spots that I would’ve expected from the knockouts division. Rhaka Khan and ODB wins this matchup, but I swear, she’s not ready for the big time, she’s just not that good right now. She seems really “green” and just not ready for this prime time position. She really made this match suck.

Mick Foley arrives at TNA impact. I’m serious, and Foley tried to get a cheap pop and it failed. I have never seen Foley off, but he just wasn’t that charismatic, and he looked a little out of place in TNA’s six sided ring. I wasn’t buying anything Foley was saying. This was a really sappy gimmick, and Foley wasn’t doing anything good. Mid sentence, Kurt Angle came down to the ring, and interrupted Foley. Kurt Angle throws up a bunch of protests, and tries to insinuate a beat down from Foley, and these two on the mic are great.

We find out that Mick Foley will be the Enforcer for Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle at the PPV.

I'm tired. TNA made me really tired. It wasn't that great.

TNA Impact 10/2/08 Results

Angelina Love defeated ODB
LAX defeated The Motor City Machine Guns
Sheik Abdul Bashir defeated Eric Young & Jimmy Rave
Team 3D & Booker T defeated Jay Lethal, Christian, Aj Styles
ODB & Rhaka Khan defeated The Beautiful People

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  1. What I thought was interesting about the Mick Foley appearance was he actually copped a Joe Biden line from the debate in his promo.

    I just read that interview that is being referred to in the Jarrett promo, and it is an interesting read. I think most of the stuff Angle said in it, you would likely agree with (just let the wrestling do the selling, not the gimmicks).



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