Monday, July 21, 2008

CMLL TV Review 7/20/2008 The B Squad Strikes Back

Once again, I’m telling you this show is the CMLL B-Squad. The show is on Fox Sports Net here in Seattle, Wa. and it’s not THAT great. However, that’s not to say that they aren’t talented, or they don’t have a lot of action. These guys make the best for it, and with no other Lucha Libre show in Seattle, I’m going to have just settle for what Comcast gives me.

The show opens with the Mexican version of the Nitro girls, and it gets annoying fast.

Metalik, Stuka Jr, and Hijo Del Faraon vs. Vangelis, Arkangel, and Bronco

The opening match up featured some guys I’ve never seen before. Like I stated earlier, these guys aren’t the A game guys, these are the mid card at best for CMLL. The opening is slow and the luchadors spend some time trying to get the crowd into it. The arena is full, but it’s not that large, and the guys try to get the crowd really into it. The match starts to pick up and we start seeing the standard spots and missteps standard matches.

What? You don’t know what’s standard?

Plancha’s outside of the ring to the ring floor, baseball slides to misses, and the good guys win the first fall.

The second fall had the rudo’s regrouping for a major beat down of the good guys and they isolate one guy and things get out of control, even if there are two ref’s watching this.

However, despite all the action, and even the demasking of one of the good guys, the tecnico’s pull off this win.

Valiente,Sombra,and Grey Shadow defeated Olimpico,Black Warrior,and Sangre Azteca

I’ve heard of a few of these guys. Sangre Azteca and Olimpico were both mainstays in my local So-Cal wrestling scene, and are probably the best ones in this match.

This match started off really slow, and then the melee broke out as there are no tag rules. The camera had a hard time getting all the action. Some guys were getting thrown into the post, some were fighting in ring, and eventually they isolate one guy, and eventually things spill onto the floor!

The first fall was given to the rudo’s as they made one of the good guys submit to a painful submission. Like an inverted surfboard with 2 people holding limbs. Great stuff.

The good guys rally back, and after a corkscrew plancha, and some submissions, they take the second fall.

The greatest move in the match, outside of jumping off the top rope was an inverted back breaker. The main guy gets his opponent into a fireman carry and then throws him over his head, he falls back and puts his knees up and the guy in the air drops on his knees. If you can imagine carlito’s back stabber mixed with Punk’s go to sleep, you get this amazing move that ended the second fall.

In the end, the bad guys took this one, with some double teams on Black Warrior.

CMLL TV again wasn't that great. I have no idea what's going on with CMLL. This wasn't all that good, and I don't even remember who won the first match. I'm not a pro...I'm sorry. This is the only Lucha Libre show that broadcasts here in Seattle so it's all I got.

Stay tuned for the Raw review coming up early tomorrow morning.

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