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Tna Review 7/3/2008 The Mating Game

There is a LOT of talking, backstage segments, and other NON wrestling stuff before the matches begins, proving once again that the wwe acorn doesn’t fall far from the proverbial tree.

AJ Styles comes out to talk, and blah…blah…I want to beat you Kurt Angle.

The Dudley Boys come out and they insult Karen Angle, prompting AJ to fight, and the two start to beat down AJ. AJ fights them back, but the numbers game is too hard.

Rhino comes out and saves the day, and asks for a six man match up featuring Tables, Ladders, and Chairs and BOOM. We have a new match up for Victory Road.

Kurt Angle is shown talk about how Team 3-D set him up on a blind date with three chicks, the first one turns out to be a fat chick. (sorry ladies)

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Robert Roode & James Storm

The first match up was actually kind of cool. The Motor City Machine guns are really cohesive and present a style of tag team wrestling that is not normally seen in the traditional landscape of WWE. I’m not sure how long these guys are going to stay together, or how long they have been a team, but they are really good. Two cruiserweights, with fluid style, and great spots and tandem moves; they dominated the beginning of the match up with tandem moves and high spots.

The ending came when Jackie spit beer towards one of the Machine Guns, only to backfire and hit one of her team mates, and a small roll up occurs.

Afterwards Storm and Roode whip the crap out of Dave Pinzer and Don West, alongside the machine guns. Jim Cornette comes out to yell at the two. He announces that a new match will take place later in the show with the two.

Moose defeated. Roxxi (Bimbo Brawl Match)

I’m still riding high on my comparison of Moose and Raven. She once again came out with a trash can full of plunder! She takes some major bumps, and it almost looked like Roxxi was taking liberties on Moose, but it turned around when Roxxi got opened up the hard way over the top of her eye.

The match was over when Moose dropped Roxxi with a double underarm bulldog onto a road sign, for the win!

This is 100 BILLION times better than any divas match I’ve ever seen in WWE. TNA has won me over with these matches; they are brutal, but they show that women are just as tough as men, if not tougher, especially when it comes to extreme rules matches. Wow, Moose is awesome, give this girl the TNA title, she’s tough as nails. Roxxi put up a good fight, but ultimately got a lesson in the ring. There were a few blown spots, but who cares, this match ruled!

Angle goes on another blind date, which ends in disaster.

Rey Bucanero defeated Alex Koslov (World X Cup Singles Match)

I marked out huge for the Rey Bucanero match! I love Bucanero and he totally pulled one over. Koslov impressed me though, he’s fast and he can fly! He pulled off a lot of high spots, before losing to Bucanero’s corkscrew plancha.

While this was a quick match, it still had enough action, and even a botched pile driver looking thing, that I thought crippled Koslov; overall an ok match up, and while I didn’t like how fast it ended, I did enjoy seeing Rey Bucanero on Impact yet again!

Kurt Angle has a segment where he confronts Bubba Ray Dudley for hooking him up with ugly women. Then some new chick comes out and is humiliated. The Beautiful People come out to give her the paper bag treatment, and then Karen Angle comes out to slap people around. This incites Aj Styles and a bunch of other chicks to come out and a melee happens here.

Booker T has a segment, where he turns into Royal T.

Milano defeated Curry Man

This match was fast paced, and full of quick reversals and fast high spots. It ended up ending right when it was maturing, and a little early in my view. It was kind of cool, but Curry Man is really weird. The Team Japan guy was odd, I couldn’t get his name at first, but eventually got it. Curry Man lost this one, although the crowd was really into him.

Taylor defeated Raisha Saeed

The TNA knockouts once again reigned in this awesome display of wrestling prowess. Awesome Kong is going to have to face Taylor next week, thanks to her win here. The match was actually really good, compared to the past wwe divas wrestling that I’ve seen to compare it to. It’s nice to see that someone out there is allowing the women to show their stuff, giving something for women to aspire to.

I didn’t like this match as much as I liked the no dq match, but this was definitely way better than anything on raw or smackdown.

Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash defeated Beer Money Storm & Roode

The main event featured a lot of tension between Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash, and while Nash’s age is really showing, it was interesting to see a different paced match up. The overall match up really didn’t do all that well and seemed rushed at the end. Nash & Joe won and then faced off, but they were interrupted in the vein of old WCW endings; Sting showed up and everyone freaked out. Then fade to black, only to see Sting get scary.

TNA Impact 7/3/2008 Quick Results

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Robert Roode & James Storm
Moose defeated. Roxxi (Bimbo Brawl Match)
Rey Bucanero defeated Alex Koslov (World X Cup Singles Match)
Milano defeated Curry Man
Taylor defeated Raisha Saeed
Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash defeated Beer Money Storm & Roode

Here is the ending of TNA for ya:

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