Thursday, July 24, 2008

WWE To Tone Down The Shows

Is wrestling too violent? I never thought so, but apparently the WWE thinks it might be. So much so that the wwe is going to tone down the “stunts” and violence of their shows to a PG rating coming soon.

That’s right, the WWE is going to “TONE” things down.

What a load of crap! (to quote Stone Cold)


Ok, I’ll admit, maybe Smackdown for being on regular television and I admit again maybe Raw is too violent for cable (Hear me out), but ECW? Seriously? ECW isn’t even EXTREME any more and they need to tone it down?

This whole news piece boggles my mind, and I don’t know what it means! It’s so cryptic, when it doesn’t have to be.

Will this mean that we’ll get more story lines instead of wrestling? Will this mean that we won’t have any exploding limo’s, or GM’s falling through the ramps? I don’t know.

Don't believe me?

Check out the official announcement that WWE is going to Tone Things Down.

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