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TNA Wrestling Cross The Line Driveby 7/11/2008

The night opens with a parking lot brawl match.

Homicide vs. Robert Roode went to a no contest

Taking a page out of the John Cena & Eddie Guerrero handbook, the TNA show opened up with one heck of a fight. They called it a drive by, and there are no rules. This was a really cool step for TNA in my book, as I miss ECW and I miss parking lot brawls. James Storm comes out with a hood, and attacks homicide, handcuffing him. Beer Money then begins to punish him by throwing him into different areas, and then led to the ring. Hernandez comes out to save his opponent. He clears house, putting the boots to Beer Money, but the numbers game get the better of him. Meanwhile, Homicide is still handcuffed. Hector Guerrero hits the ring, trying to help Homicide. Hernandez is impressive, and although he doesn’t look overtly Mexican, he’s definitely a great piece of the LAX crew. He pulls out a leather strap, and whips the crap out of Beer Money. They retreat, and the lights go out.

Sting is Seen in the Rafters

Doug Williams defeated. Masato Yoshino (x cup match)

Doug Williams from the UK came out and put on a clinic. Seriously, I can’t believe that this guy isn’t on a bigger level. The whole match was nearly one sided, and Masato just bumped to Williams’ arsenal of offense. It was seriously the best match I’ve seen in a while, and it was mostly high spots and no real story telling or technical aspects. This was not a Bret Hart match, it was just move after move after move.

Backstage segment:

Kurt Angle is backstage talking to the Beautiful People, talking about how there is a match and that they should be ready for the match later. He yells at two knockouts, and they begin to start doing squats with JB. The two women then put a paper bag on JB.

Backstage/Pre-Recorded Segment:

Sanjay Dutt is teaching some random woman how to stretch. Then Jay Lethal attacks for no apparent reason, and Dutt keeps talking about setting Val Free.

Interview Segment:

Backstage Taylor Wilde is being interviewed about facing Awesome Kong later on. She says that she’s nervous, etc. The normal stuff you would expect from a new comer facing the title holder, nothing surprising, and kind of boring.

TNA Rough Cut Segment:

Matt Morgan talks about his current status of professional wrestling and basically just mouths off about himself. He has no charisma, and I do remember his stuttering gimmick, and it’s just stupid. His current monster thing is just stupid to me. He needs someone to carry him through matches. Hey, some people have it and some people don’t. Kurt Angle talks about him as if he’s the next Andre The Giant, not necessarily champion, but a main attraction.

Kip James, Big Petey Pump Petey Williams, and Tyson Tomko defeated. BG James, Eric Young, and Matt Morgan (Texas Tornado Six Man Tag)

This match was all over the place. One major thing I noticed right off the bat is that Tomko is looking a little chubby. He’s not as “tight” as he was last time I saw him. He’s actually gaining some fat, and while He’s still muscular, you can tell he’s not on the juice or he’s not working out as hard or as much.

Like the B-Team from WWE, Kip James and BG James are in this match but lack the charisma that they once had. It’s just not the same to me. The fight spills out into the crowd and I’m reminded of those classic falls count anywhere matches from WCW and occasionally in the WWE. Overall this match was just too all over the place for the television crew to make it somewhat good.

Kip James and BG James (The New Age Outlaws) are looking tired and just not into it anymore.

The best parts of this match featured Eric Young and Petey Williams. These two are amazing together, and showcased some brief genius, only to get interrupted by others. Eric Young looked a little chubby to me, but he is like Mikey Whipwreck in WCW, he’s got all sorts of offense. Too bad he lost the match by flying out of the ring and getting hit in the face with a metal pipe. He then gets pinned.

Tomko is going to beat down Eric Young further in the ring. Only to get interrupted.

Abyss comes out to save the day and he looks like “Nailz”. He supposedly coming from a mental institution.

Don West Sucks. Tell that guy to shut up!

Taylor Wilde defeated Awesome Kong
Women’s Championship Match

Taylor Wilde was pitted as the underdog in this match. Awesome Kong was looking strong and was most likely going to win, putting the boots to Taylor and even delivering the implant buster, I thought for sure it was going to be over after that one. Taylor hung in there, and with a quick roll up, surprised Kong for the win and the 25,000 dollar bounty. Taylor Wilde is the new Knockouts Champion! The match was like watching Psycho Sid vs. Chris Benoit…if you’ve seen that match, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Interview Segement:

Kaz talks about how he’s not going to let TNA down.

Kaz defeated. Ultimo Guerrero (X Cup Match)

Kaz wrestled a good match with Ultimo Guerrero, and if TNA could only focus on these style matches more often, they could do what WCW did in the Monday night wars. One of the greatest things from TNA was the fact that they let the cruiserweights take a long time to develop and just wow the audience. Kaz and Ultimo Guerrero did the best they could with the time frame, which was not enough to make match of the year, but this one was good. Ultimo Guerrero lucha libre style mixed well with Kaz’s quickness and size. If you missed TNA try and seek out this match up, I’m going to say it was the best one this week so far. Maybe Smackdown will beat it somehow, but so far, this is the best X Cup Match that I’ve seen.

Kaz wasn’t looking like a winner until the last moments, where he polished off Ultimo Guerrero for the win.

Interview Segment:

AJ Styles, ODB, and Gail Kim are interviewed, but AJ Styles is the only one doing a lot of talking. Gail Kim then calls out the beautiful people. Gail Kim takes a shot at the WWE divas. ODB then talks about delivering a facial to the beautiful people…in an awkward sentence, then the trio runs off.

Backstage Segment:

Kurt Angle yells at the beautiful people again.

In Ring Segment:

Booker T apologizes to Samoa Joe, but with a backhanded compliment, and then says he’s going to beat Joe. Booker T is golden. He asks Joe, Who have you beaten? Joe Can’t say crap in that regards. Joe does the tough guy promo, and says Booker T is going to lose.

Sting Comes out.

Sting says he’ll be in Houston.

Booker T asks if he wants the winner, and Sting replies; “Those are your words, not mine” and walks away.

AJ Styles, ODB, and Gail Kim defeated Kurt Angle & The Beautiful People

Kurt Angle looks very thin. He’s dropped a lot of weight, and he has a very large Knee Brace. He’s not at 100% that’s for sure. Angle looks really thin and you have to see this. If you remember him from WWE, you’re going to be very surprised by this.

The women in this match are amazing. The wwe divas are horrible in comparison to these women wrestlers. You owe it to yourself to check out TNA at least for the women wrestlers, they are not “divas” they are full wrestlers. They look hot, but man, they can throwdown.

Karen Angle comes down alongside a Kurt Angle look alike in Frank Trigg.

The match is ok, nothing too crazy. It was just a set up for the ppv that is coming up from TNA. Gail Kim gets the win after dropping one of the beautiful people. Angle attacks after the match is over. Karen Angle interferes, and in comes Frank Trigg. Kurt Angle puts the ankle lock on Styles, and the beautiful people put a brown paper bag on Gail Kim, and we are sent away.

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