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Reader Feedback Sundays 7/20/08

This section of the site is dedicated to reader feedback! You leave comments, send me email and I replay directly every Sunday! Yay! I’m trying to get a podcast started too, if you’d like to help me out, or would appreciate listening to it, let me know. Let’s start the great feedback:

S.I.A has left a new comment on your post "WWE Raw Review 7/14/2008 WTF Show?":

I agree with you about the ending! If by some miracle John Cena did manage to somehow survive a crash like that there wouldn't be a hope in hell that he'd be fit to do anything, much less wrestle a match in less than a weeks time!

WWE crossed the invisable reality line with that one!

Santino Marella for president! :)

The crash, wow, what a horrible piece of crap this segment was. Seriously, the wwe stresses that they’re entertainment, but this is beyond the line of believability. I’m not sure what the WWE is thinking, but yeah, it’s so lame. It made me upset.

Now as far as Santino Marella for president, I think he has a good chance. I mean, the country is praising the mic skills of Obama, so why not? Marella is smart on the mic, not so good at wrestling, and well…maybe he has a future in Politics.

I agree, Santino for congress!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WWE Smackdown Review 7/18/2008 The Wedding":

i agree, i wonder where they are going with mr.kennedy. the fans love now,and their are still quite a few wwe wrestlers who are juicers and still wrestling which i dont understand. and whats up with the undertaker? othere wrestlers like john cena and randy orton and rey mysterio said how long they would be gone and why but its irritating all the mystery they are putting behind the undertakers disappearance.

Kennedy was on the high rise to a title shot, and was supposed to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match this year, but instead CM Punk got the rub and now he’s the champion. Kennedy sure is lighter and faster now, which is probably why the WWE is waiting to push him harder. They want to make sure he can stay healthy without the juice.

As for the other juicers, I’m sure they are trying hard to hide it. I know that Chavo looks a lot bigger than he did in WCW…and to prove that here’s a clip of Chavo in WCW.

There’s no denying he’s on the juice.

Undertaker is probably what Kane is talking about. Why he is gone? I heard he was injured and was just tired of the road. They’ll bring him back to Raw, most likely. From what the rumor mills are saying, Triple H and the Undertaker don’t like each other and will not be on the same show, so maybe that’s something to look into.

Undertaker should return, and it would be nice if he became Heel, because the WWE is running short on heels. I’m not sure why they are trying to infuse his old scary taker gimmick. Remember when he kidnapped Stephanie? That was classic.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Bret Hart Hates WWE":

There is no wrestler on earth like Bret Hart

He is The Best There was. The Best There Is. And The Best There Ever Will Be !!!!

It’s true. Bret Hart is the best, and will always be. Too bad he won’t work a Raw or PPV surprise match. It’d be nice.

Final Note:

Where are the PPV Reviews?

I’m sorry that I haven’t been reviewing as many pay per views this year. It’s due to finances. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to afford getting the main events from WWE or TNA. I have set up a small plan to get some income and that’s done through some paid ads on this site, and amazon links. If you would like to help me out, then please check out those links, and for amazon, it doesn’t cost you more to buy from them, and they hook me up with a few cents per order. Don’t worry, I don’t see your information, and amazon doesn’t sell it or give me anything but a few cents.

If I can save up enough for a PPV in one month, I’ll make sure to get the next one, and a full review will happen! Seriously.

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If you don’t want to do those things, leave me a comment and I’ll make sure to put it up here on my new COMMENT SUNDAYS!

And for you old school fans…here’s a Randy Macho Man Savage match to hold you over!

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  1. Hardy was supposed to take money in the bank this year, not Kennedy.

  2. That's true, I totally forgot about that. I mean to say that he was going to win it at another point. He had a massive push, that's for sure.

  3. found good streams at for the Great American bash today...



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