Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ECW Review 7/23/2008 The Hardy Show

In Ring Segment 1

There is a new Ecw Title shown.

The title is all silvered out, and is all new. Tony Atlas starts raving about it. Teddy Long just stands there like an idiot.

Collin Delaney comes out. He has turned heel, and talks about how he has turned on Tommy Dreamer.

**remember when Terry Funk turned on Tommy Dreamer? Or was it Dreamer turning on Funk? I just remember a trashcan shot to the head at a ppv back in the old ECW days.

Delaney says that he’s all for Mark Henry, instead of a washed up loser.

Teddy Long interrupts, and he says that there’s some business to take care of. He claims that Tommy Dreamer is going to wrestle Tommy Dreamer tonight, and when Atlas tries to save the night, Teddy Long jumps in and says that Philly is Extreme and the match is going to start right now!

Tommy Dreamer defeated Collin Delaney

Since when is a DDT that devastating? Not since Raven and Jake the Snake have I seen one so devastating. Not that it hurts, but man, Dreamer beat Delaney in a quick match. No surprise here.

Backstage Segment 1

Morrison and Miz talk about winning the four way tonight on ECW and trade puns and stupid ideologies.

Evan Bourne defeated James Curtis

This match was a squash. This new guy had no entrance, no music, no pyro, and this is just hilarious to me. Evan Bourne shows off some more of his in ring ability, besides his abilities in the air.

Backstage Segment 2

Finlay talks to Hornswoggle backstage, and says he doesn’t need luck.

Backstage Segment 3

Ricky Ortiz is backstage talking to some random chick. Ricky Ortiz says he can be the Latin Assassin, and Teddy stops him and says he’s only had 1 match in 3 weeks. Teddy states that next week he’s going to be in action next week.

Backstage Segment 4

Matt Hardy talks about losing his U.S title, and he says he’s going to kick the door open and is going to Summerslam.

Matt Hardy defeated Finlay, Miz, and Morrison in a 4 Way Match

Matt Hardy might have lost his U.S Title, but he’s bouncing back quite nicely. He’s going to face Mark Henry for the ECW Title at Summerslam!

But what about the match?

The match started off slow, and turned into a huge spot fest at the end. Lots of near falls, lots of excitement. I thought for sure Finlay had it with a TON of great opportunities to get the win, but he kept getting interrupted by others, and eventually Hardy made it with a twist of fate out of nowhere, and he gets the title shot.

ECW Quick Results 7/23/2008

Tommy Dreamer def. Colin Delaney
Evan Bourne def. James Curtis
Fatal Four Way: Matt Hardy def. Finlay, The Miz and John Morrison

The ECW show seemed a lot faster to me than usual. There was a lot of setting up for weeks to come, and only three matches. I'm glad to see that Matt hardy could be getting a main event spot on ECW, but is that really worth it? I'm not sure. Maybe Hardy can really move things on ECW and he can move towards a bigger main event spot on Smackdown or Raw. I doubt it though.

The new ECW belt is looking really lame. It's too Silver, and honestly, it looks like a B level title instead of what it should be. IF ECW is the minor leagues, then this title is a great thing.

Evan Bourne continued to use a lot of offense, and the no name guy was hilarious to see squashed. I wonder if ECW is going to continue to squash guys, or test them out constantly. Whatever the case is, Evan Bourne might be the highlight of the week so far.

Tommy Dreamer needs to get fired. I'm tired of seeing him on ECW. He is way better fit for a smaller promotion, like TNA.

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