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WWE Smackdown Review 7/25/08 Post Wedding Mayhem

To start off the show we get a recap of last week’s Smackdown ending, and you know what? It’s a lot better condensed.

In Ring Segment 1:

Jeff Hardy enters the VIP Lounge and he’s great on the mic. He says that he’s the odds on favorite to win the battle royal to face Triple H.

Jeff Hardy says he hasn’t seen MVP win a match since he had the U.S Championship.

MVP talks smack about Jeff Hardy’s WWE Magazine cover. MVP starts talking bad about Jeff Hardy, reminding him of his suspension and his house that burned down. Jeff tries to keep up, but MVP is just too good and keeps firing away as the HEEL.

Hardy then looks fed up, and here we go!

Hardy pushes MVP and the fans start to turn, but quickly go to a Hardy chant, MVP quickly gets out of the ring, and looks upset. He walks away, leaving the ring to Jeff Hardy.

I think that MVP looked great in the ring, and Hardy looked genuinely pissed that he was out spoken by MVP, which is a great thing. They generated a lot of heat in a matter of moments, and while I am not a big fan of in ring segments, I did enjoy MVP pushing buttons and it reminded me a lot of what Santino can do on the mic.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Jimmy Wang Yang

As soon as the music hit, I knew this was going to be a throw away match. Yang hasn’t gotten a decent shake in a long time, and Benjamin has just won the title. Benjamin goes relatively unharmed in this glorified squash match. Benjamin has improved a lot, in what seems like overnight, and he totally drops Yang with his finisher The Pay Dirt for the win. Yang never had a chance.

Backstage Segment 1:

The Edgekins are backstage with Edge. Edge apologizes for last week. The Edgekins says that they don’t need an explanation, and then they run off.

Festus defeated Curt Hawkins

This was a stupid squash match and served no purpose. Festus beat Hawkins fast, and then after the bell, gets beatdown for no apparent reason. Jesse gets dumped out, and this is how we are going to build to Festus and Jesse winning the tag titles. The crowd was not into the ending, what a load of crap. I hate when WWE squashes guys like this for no apparent reason.

Backstage Segment 2:

Edge is talking to his wedding planner backstage, when Bam shows up to ease drop.

Vladimir Koslov defeated Stevie Richards

As soon as I saw Stevie Richards, I knew there was going to be a squash coming up. Koslov comes in there and Foley is correct, Koslov is NOT tested in the ring and much like Matt Morgan on TNA he’s just squashing guys for no particular reason. He’s NOT Goldberg, so I don’t know why they keep pushing his streak.

Richards throws in more moves than most, but still manages to lose this one, as is standard when building up a monster heel.

Koslov squashes Richards in a no surprise match up, and this wrestling fan is getting tired of this stupid continuation. Koslov takes a lot of punishment, I give it that, but eventually just floors Richards with a head butt. One of the worst moves in WWE history.

The Great Khali defeated Mr. Kennedy, Umaga, Jeff Hardy, Big Show, and MVP

The last three participants made this really interesting for me. Jeff Hardy, Khali and Big Show were left. Hardy got a major push cause he pushed out Big Show somehow, and he had to try and wrestle Khali, but it looked grim for a minute there. Hardy kept fighting off Khali, but Khali kept pushing his weight around. Khali nearly crushed Hardy with a HUGE chop to the head, and then threw him out. Khali looked genuinely annoyed for some reason, and he looked somewhat stunned by Hardy’s offense. I can’t believe how this all turned out.

Khali will face Triple H for the world title at Summerslam. Hardy put on a great show, everyone did really, and the last two didn’t really make sense to me, but we’re going to get Triple H vs. Khali, that’s going to be great! Remember when Big Show was The Giant in WCW? He rolled through the main event talent like crazy ppv after ppv, no one could beat him, well maybe WWE is taking a cue from WCW of old. Maybe Khali will be unstoppable, until the Undertaker comes back to defeat him in a casket match or something.

Post Match:

Triple H comes to ringside, and stares up the Great Khali. Triple H looks ridiculously small compared the giant Khali. Nothing happens here, as they just stare each other into leaving.

R-Truh (K QWIK, Ron The Truth Killings) promo is shown. He’s looking good, that’s for sure.

Michelle McCool defeated Maryese

McCool somehow pulled of this victory, but it was a boring match. Maryese isn’t yet ready to go for a full match, and this one just seemed forced to me. The match wasn’t too long, and really didn’t have a whole lot of high spots. The ending came with some sort of leg lock looking thing, although it isolated the heel of some kind. I don’t know, this match sucked.

Backstage Segment 3:

Vickie Guerrero finally arrives, and Bam shows up. Bam tries to tell Chavo what Edge was up to earlier, but he is interrupted, and we get to commercial.

Backstage Segment 4:

Edge says he’s going to apologize, Bam runs to go tell Vickie.


Kendrick talks on the mic, J.R says that Kendrick is like the late Brian Pillman…I don’t know about all that.

Brian Kendrick w/ Ezekiel defeated Shannon Moore

Everytime I see Shannon Moore, I can’t help but wonder how in the world he manages to stay on the payroll. Not so much cause he sucks, but because I could have sworn he was on ECW and/or TNA in recent memory. Oh well. Moore, basically got squashed by Kendrick, and while I think Shannon Moore is good, the WWE didn’t give him a chance to win this match up. Kendrick is good, but not great yet, he needs a challenge to prove himself. This was a standard cruiserweight match up, nothing too crazy, some missed spots here and there, but overall a standard affair with no crowd participation. Brian Kendrick wins with his move, but I’m not sure what it’s called…oh well. It’s sliced bread number 2 no? J.R said that it’s now something else, but I wasn’t paying too much attention.

Backstage Segment 5:

Vickie and Chavo are talking backstage, when Bam interrupts. Bam mixes up Edge’s message and says that Edge will be in the ring to apologize or something. Vickie shakes her head no, and we fade to commercial.

Final In Ring Segment:

Edge is out in the ring alone, ready to call out Vickie Guerrero. The fans boo the crap out of him. I'm surprised that they don't say more "what?". Undertaker chants try to start up, but the crowd quiets down a little. He then asks for Vickie to come out.

Vickie comes out to ring side. The boo's start pouring in as Edge and her are in the ring. This is ridiculous if you ask me.

Edge tries to apologize. He blames the wedding planner for the mistakes, and he claims that the video didn't show that he was taken advantage of.

Vickie reinstates the Undertaker, and announces a Hell in the Cell match up for Summerslam with Undertaker and Edge! The show fades with Edge looking really scared of the Undertaker.

This edition of Smackdown was somewhat upsetting at the end. Seriously, why did the WWE go with this story line as the main event? I was really upset that they didn't have solid wrestling at the end. Wasn't the WWE going to plan less stunts and drama? Oh wait...less wrestling and more drama equals a PG rating? I don't know. The end of Smackdown really made this show sink, regardless of that great match up early on in the show.

The tag division looks weak again, but I'm sure they are setting up something for later. I can't stand the Festus in ring scenarios, but I guess I have to just deal with them.

Koslov's streak is lame.

MVP on the mic was great, and only Santino can probably match his wits.

I thought for sure Hardy was going to get a major push, but instead Khali was great, and I want to see that match up at Summerslam. I don't know if Triple H can pull off a clean win over Khali. I'm not sure what's going to go down, but it's going to set up something great, I'm sure.

Shelton Benjamin is looking great. I am glad to see that he's getting a push, even if it is minor.

Squashing the cruiserweights on WWE television is stupid to me. I really wish that they would bring back the cruiserweight title and that they would really allow the smaller guys to get a chance. WCW did so great back in the day, TNA is allowing more small guys to get a shot, and overall WWE could definitely do something great. However, it's not happening anytime soon, as the WWE continues to make bus loads of cash on the existing product. Why change things up if you're making so much money right?

The reinstatement of the Undertaker on Smackdown was a bit odd to me. I kept reading that HHH didn't like Undertaker and they couldn't be on the same show because of their past dealings. I do recall Undertaker beating Triple H at Wrestlemana X7. The Undertaker will most likely be dominant until it sets up the inevitable Triple H vs. Undertaker match where Undertaker finally loses. Edge and Undertaker at Summerslam is going to be interesting, and Hell in the Cell? All I know is that someone better fall off the top of that cage, otherwise it's going to be lackluster. Foley made that match famous, and even Shawn Michaels took a nice fall.

The divas belt looks cheesy, and the divas are not improving. Give me the KNOCKOUTS any day in comparison to the stupid looking, cookie cutter divas.

This week Smackdown was stronger than last week, but it's not that great. Tna, to me, was better, and ECW is looking stronger than all the shows.

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