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WWE Raw Review 7/14/2008 WTF Show?

Stephanie and Shane talk about how no one is working together, and are look lame. Who cares! They ask for unity tonight. But one thing they did say, they said that there was an unauthorized WWE Title Match, is this going to mean the Cm Punk loses the title belt sooner than later?

We get right to the live action, HBK fighting Y2J at ringside, just beating the crap out of each other. Officials break up the fight and Kane comes out.

Kane is at ringside, looking at the announcers like he’s going to kill them. Kane apologizes to Michael Cole and The King.

More backstage, Jericho and Michaels still fighting each other, and no one can seem to stop them.

Mickie James defeated. Katie Lee

Mickie James makes quick work out of Katie Lee, by defeating her swiftly. This match was just a throwaway for me, and really doesn’t match up with the recent string of women’s wrestling that I’ve been able to catch.

After the match Katie Lee and Paul attack Mickie James, but Kofi Kingston comes out for the save. This could possibly lead into a mix tag team match!

Kofi Kingston defeated. Paul Burchill

This is not a great match. It was fast paced, and there was a few spots, but for the majority of the match, it was just rushed and sloppy to me. It was cool to see a new match up, but they didn’t take the time or care to make this one interesting. Kofi with the win, and maybe just the beginning of what could be an interesting feud.

Backstage Segment:

Santino talks about how he has an open invitation to anyone on the Raw Roster. Matt Stryker says, “that’s interesting”, and Kane shows up to confront him asking him where Punk is. Santino says, “did you try the pepsi machine?” and kane goes away, looking for punk.

Backstage Segement:

Kane talks to Punk. He challenges Punk for a match tonight. Once again marking that Punk is wrestling way more than any previous world champion in recent memory.

Interview Segment:

Cena is talked to about JBL asking for a New York Street Brawl. Cena then challenges JBL and two partners to a match tonight. He also accepts the Brawl for The Great American Bash.

In Ring Segment:

Santino waits for his opponent, an open challenge.

Beth Phoenix defeated Santino

I’m not sure why this happened, but it did. Santino loses to the glamazon, in what was a glorified squash match. Santino is continually buried on Raw but on the mic, he’s golden!

Kelly Kelly comes out for a match up.

Team Priceless comes out. They then say that they don’t care about the match, and tells Kelly to leave. They talk about how great they are and how good they are. Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes out to interrupt them. Citing that they don’t have any respect for the business. JBL interrupts and asks the tag team champions if they want to wrestle Cena and Cryme Tyme in the main event. They agree, and the match is set.

Kane vs. C.M. Punk

This match was somewhat standard in regards to cm punk matches. Punk gets beat up for the majority of his matches. On the comeback, Kane nearly knocks out punk with some power moves, but the Champion came back with an onslaught of moves, and after a few near finishes, and some major outside offense, Kane loses via count out.

Kane goes nuts and starts throwing chairs into the ring, then pummels the champion.

Kane almost breaks Punk’s neck with a chair, but Batista comes out to save punk and the crowd goes nuts.

Punk goes to shake Batista’s hand, and he says, “I’m not your friend…” and doesn’t shake his hand. Punk pushes Batista, and gets a spine buster for his troubles. Batista looks really strong against Punk and sets up a little heat for the pay per view main event.

Y2J defeated. Paul London

Not a terrible match, but you know that the booking in this match was definitely one sided. Y2J needed to look strong and really put London through a clinic. London is just a jobber in this one, and I can’t believe that the WWE chooses to do this to a former Tag Team Champion. He’s just jobbing, Y2J makes London tap to the Walls of Jericho. What a waste of talent.

Backstage Segment:

Jamie Noble tries to ask out Layla. He claims that the next guy that comes through he’s going to mop up. Snitsky comes out and tells him to shut up.

Snitsky then chased Noble to the ring, where he beat the crap out of him.

Too bad WWE hates cruiserweights, because once again, they bury Noble for no apparent reason. I hate my job, but I think that those guys getting beat down have to hate theirs more. Then again, theirs probably pays way more than mine does.

Cryme Tyme and John Cena defeated. JBL and Team Priceless (Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase Jr.)

This match was not half bad. The young team that JBL picked really was a good choice, as they dominated the match for the most part. Cryme Tyme showed that they aren’t that good in ring, but with Cena’s partnership, they really get over with the crowd. JBL also fit in nicely in this match, making for quite a good watch to end Raw. JBL purposely gets disqualified and leaves for the parking lot.

Backstage Segment:

JBL ambushes Cena, then throws him in front of a car. He then RAMS a car into John Cena. I kid you not.

Raw Quick Results 7/14/2008
WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James def. Katie Lea Burchill (non-title match).
Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston def. Paul Burchill to retain.
Beth Phoenix def. Santino Marella in an intergender match.
World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk def. Kane by count-out (non-title match).
John Cena & Cryme Tyme def. JBL & World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase by disqualification.

This show was a little on the light side in terms of good wrestling. There was a lot of story development in this show, and not enough wrestling for my tastes. I felt as though the WWE were going somewhere with the main event, and it was actually worth its weight, but come on, that ending was just lame. I hate when the WWE tries these things. I hope this gets completely trashed by fans.

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  1. I agree with you about the ending! If by some miracle John Cena did manage to somehow survive a crash like that there wouldn't be a hope in hell that he'd be fit to do anything, much less wrestle a match in less than a weeks time!

    WWE crossed the invisable reality line with that one!

    Santino Marella for president! :)



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