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WWE Raw 7/7/08 Vickie’s Protest

Stephanie McMahon gives some speech about how people should care. I don’t.

Vickie Guerrero is in the ring and she wants to protest C.M Punk and wants an apology. Punk comes out. CM Punk does great on the mic, and eventually prompts JBL to come out in a Limo. Jbl complains about losing his match. John Cena rolls out and challenges JBL for a #1 Contender’s match and the winner goes to the Great American Bash. Batista comes out to interrupt, and wants a shot. Cena wants a Triple Threat match.

JBL argues that he doesn’t like it, and then threatens Batista and John Cena, only to get KANE interrupting them all and wanting in on the match. So a fourway for the number one contender will be featured later on tonight.

Backstage Segement:

C.M. Punk interviewed in the back, only to get interrupted by Snitsky, whining about getting a title shot, and Punk challenges him for a match later on the show.

Backstage, John Cena looks to be drinking mamajuwana but who knows? He talks to Mickie James, and then some random chick comes by, and he says to the camera; God Bless America.

Mickie James & Kelly Kelly defeated. Jillian & Layla

As far as I’m concerned, this was just a random divas match for the sake of having a divas match. I don’t really like the WWE divas, since most of them can’t wrestle. This match proved that they can’t wrestle, and while I enjoy eye candy, I don’t enjoy seeing this horrible attempt at entertainment. Someone save the wwe divas! They can’t wrestle! I’d much rather see a TNA Knockouts match, because they actually take it somewhat seriously. Mickie James didn’t even get into the match, and Kelly Kelly gets the win, out of the blue.

Rey Mysterio defeated. Santino

This was a quick one, and I almost wanted to believe that Santino could pull of the win. He couldn’t and wouldn’t win could he? Nope. Rey Mysterio basically defeats a glorified jobber in this match, making for a quick one, but it wasn’t half bad. Mysterio did all the usual spots, and eventually lands the win with a weird looking splash off the top rope. A good warm up for Mysterio, but one must wonder why he’s not in the main event. Maybe he’ll get slowly pushed if he can stay healthy.

Backstage/Frontstage Segment:

JBL’s limo is outside, and he’s not in it. After some investigation, John Cena comes out and says that for his own protection Cena is going to help JBL with his limo. Cena introduces Cryme Tyme and they beat the crap out of the JBL’s limo then spray paints the limo for good measure. JBL is furious at this point, and it just looks hilarious.

CM Punk defeated Snitsky

CM Punk was losing throughout most of this match, Snitsky was looking like a good monster, and then things went the other way. A quick reversal, and CM Punk’s signature move sets, along with the gts and CM Punk wins this one without much of a pain. Although, if you count the first portions of the match up as painful, then maybe this one was hard fought; CM Punk defeats Snitsky clean.

In Ring Segment:

HBK comes out to accept Jericho’s match for The Great American Bash. Y2J’s music hits, he comes out to the ring with Lance Cade. He then talks about how he is glad about the match up. Y2J talks about random crap, and HBK takes a turn and talks about how he’s been through it all. HBK claims that Y2J will never be him.

Kofi Kingston (Champion) defeated Charlie Haas

Kingston came out to wrestle Charlie Haas, and I was thinking what everyone else was thinking; Charlie Haas still has a job? That’s right, he’s a jobber, he doesn’t even come close to beating Kingston in this fast match. Kofi over with a reverse spin kick, and is immediately attacked by Paul Burchill. I liked his Pirate gimmick better. I’m sure this will set up a feud between them. Too bad for Charlie Haas; Kingston and Burchill for the IC Title is most likely going to go down at the Bash.

Batista defeated John Cena, Kane, & JBL (Number 1 Contender Match)

Batista, to me an unlikely choice, edged out three opponents on his way to a title shot at the Great American Bash ppv. This is going to really be cool, because I don’t recall ever seeing a Punk & Batista match, and both of them being face, this could turn out to be a great one. I’m not sure how CM Punk is going to walk out with the belt though, considering Batista is massive, and Punk is just fast. As for this fourway bout, it was messy, but it was fun. I thought for sure Cena had it at one point, and when Kane was getting in some offense, I changed my vote. JBL had no chance, and he’s most likely headed for a John Cena bout at the bash.

Raw 7/72008 Quick Results:

Rey Mysterio def. Santino Marella
WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James & Kelly Kelly def. Jillian & Layla
World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk def. Snitsky
Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston def. Charlie Haas
Batista def. John Cena, Kane and JBL in a Fatal Four Way

Overall, not the worst Raw I’ve ever seen, but not the best. Following up last week’s major upsets all through the night was tough, so I can’t imagine how they could have topped that one. I liked Raw this week, but I think there could have been more wrestling involved.

Kane went nuts and beat up Michael Cole, only to get rescued for a second by The King. The king then gets beat up by Kane, and we get the end of the show.

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