Monday, July 14, 2008

CMLL Television 7/13/2008 Review

CMLL television had a show on Fox Sports in Spanish here in Seattle. Some of you might get the full CMLL Lucha Libre show, but this is the only thing I can get on a weekly basis, so if it’s not 100% the full lucha television, I apologize in advance, this is all I can get. It’s better than nothing right?

First and foremost, the ring and arena looks a bit skimpy. This must be their B show or their version of Smackdown because this isn’t all that great to me. It looks really bad, opposed to their A show on other networks.

Women’s Six Man Lucha Trio’s Match (3 Falls)
Princesa Blanca, Luna Magica and Marcella defeated Medusa, Rosa Negra and Amapola

This match had only two falls, and they were won by the good guys (tecnicos/scientifos). If you’re a fan of the TNA knockouts, you’re going to love this stuff. These women really go, and they pulled off all the best lucha moves and I was very impressed that the federation allowed them to really risk their lives performing some of the moves required in this match up. The end came with a tilt the world back breaker, and pin for the 123 in the second fall. Great opening match up for sure.

Euforia and Nosferatu “Los Infernales” vs. Flash and Stuka Jr.
Tag Team Championship Match

This was a standard back and forth lucha match. It went the full three falls, and in the end Flash and Stuka Jr. pulled off a great victory, with all the standard planchas, surfboard, and more. If you want a showcase of lucha talent, this is a great introduction to it, these guys really put on a good show.

Final Thoughts:

This was definitely the CMLL B show. If I had to watch this each week, I am not sure that I could enjoy it. This wasn’t the CMLL that I know and Love, this was just the lower card wrestlers, and while I appreciate their efforts and matches, this was just not as good as I hoped for. I’ve seen a ton of lucha libre in my life, and this is just a poor product compared to all the great lucha libre action that is available out there.

Unfortunately, living in Seattle, and even with the full expansion of Spanish network television, I can’t find decent Lucha Libre, so I have to settle for this garbage.

If you want me to continue to cover CMLL Lucha Libre on Fox Sports, leave me a comment here and I’ll continue to watch it, otherwise I’m not sure if I can continue to watch this poorly crafted weekly showcase of lucha libre’s b-squad.

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