Friday, July 4, 2008

WWE Smackdown 7/4/2008 Fatal Fourway Time

MVP opened up the show, and you know what? The guy has some mic skills, to offset his wrestling skills.

HHH is his guest, and one has to wonder if MVP is going to get a title shot sooner than later.

HHH is hilarious, and even cites some older references for those “smart” wrestling fans. Vickie comes out to major heat, and MVP and HHH bond a little in making fun of Edge.

Vickie announces Edge vs. HHH for the WWE Title at The Great American Bash.

The New WWE Divas title was shown…it looks different than the women’s title. It has a HUGE purple butterfly on it. Lame.

Michelle McCool defeated. Victoria , Cherry , Maryse and Kelly Kelly (Golden Star Match)

This match wasn’t that good. After seeing TNA’s Knockouts the WWE divas are horrible. This match was a free for all, the first person to grab a star that was on a pole, would get a shot at facing Natalya for the diva’s title. Michelle McCool came out of nowhere to bring the star down from the pole and win the match. A boring affair to say the least.

The divas title is a Smackdown only woman’s championship.

Jesse & Festus defeated Hawkins & Ryder

What a piece of crap match. These two teams had a fairly decent match up, but it wasn’t all that great. There were a lot of moments that I just was bored. Your standard face in peril match up, Festus comes in and clears house, then the two win the match up. I don’t like either teams, and this match was just standard, and I felt like I’ve already seen it one hundred times before.

Afterwards, Edge came down and beat the living hell out of Festus out of frustration. Jesse was restrained while Festus was getting a beat down from the former champion. Edge then dropped a chair shot to the face of Festus, knocking the big man out.

Jeff Hardy defeated John Morrison

Want to know how to bury the WWE Tag Champions? By having them defeated by the latest new comer to your show. Jeff Hardy is awesome, he’s fast, he can move and has some great matches, but to defeat one half of the tag team champions really makes the title holders look really weak.

Morrison is good, and worked on the shoulder of Hardy throughout the match. He is a lot better than when he first showed up in WWE and what a match up this was. While I don’t agree that Hardy should have won, it was still a really impressive singles match up, and had all the great Hardy spots, alongside some great reversals. If you missed it, you missed one of the cleanest power bombs in recent years. Hardy wins with the swanton bomb.

Umaga defeated Funaki

Why is Funaki still employed? Seriously, this was just bad. Things can’t get worse for Funaki. Umaga demolishes Funaki in a fury, landing all his moves and then knocking him out with the Samoan spike. This was a throwaway match, but somewhat cool to watch. Funaki though, man, he has been a jobber for too long.

Matt Hardy defeated Kennedy, Shelton Benjamin, and Chavo Guerrero (Fatal Fourway) U.S Title Match

I had this confused with a four corners match up. All wrestlers were in the ring at the same time, and everyone got some moves in. There was some tandem spots, and this was almost a ppv quality match up. It usually wound up with two people facing off against each other, rather than just a melee. Kennedy looked strong early on, and I was surprised at Chavo & Benjamin’s involvement. Hardy squeaks out a victory in this one, and closes out Smackdown with another victory.

Overall Smackdown wasn’t half bad. I thought that there was a lot of talking back stage, and there was a lot of random developments between Edge and Vickie that no one really cares about. I thought I saw Lita backstage, but it wasn’t her. Overall, not the greatest Smackdown I’ve seen, and not as good as Raw, but enough wrestling to make for a great night. I was surprised by the amount of wrestling on this show, as the main event had about 30 minutes to develop into a great one. Almost an instant classic, but definitely not as good as PPV, but dangit, it was awesome to see a good match on television for a change.

WWE Smackdown 7/4/2008 Quick Results:

Michelle McCool def. Cherry, Kelly Kelly, Victoria and Maryse (Golden Dreams Match) Jesse & Festus def. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
Jeff Hardy def. WWE Tag Team Champion John Morrison
Umaga def. Funaki
United States Champion Matt Hardy def. Mr. Kennedy, Chavo Guerrero and Shelton Benjamin (Fatal 4th of July Four Way Match for the United States Championship)

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