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Tna Impact Review 7/24/2008 Now You See Him Now You Don’t

In Ring Segment 1:

Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash come down to the ring. There’s a steel cage set up around the ring.

Joe says he has a proposition, he wants to throw out the rules and have a six sides of steel match at Hard Justice.

Booker T. comes out.

Booker T states that Samoa Joe is scared, and that at Hard Justice he is going to wrestle Joe in a full metal mayhem match! He then says that Joe should be afraid of the dark!

Backstage Segment 1:

AJ Styles, Rhino, and Christian are interviewed backstage, and JB talks about the Sting factor. The guys don’t look too stressed about the match either, and Christian Cage says he knows what’s going on with Sting. Christian says that no matter who shows up in the ring, they are going through a table. He said, the match is about who’s going to end who’s livelihood first.

Consequences Creed defeated Johnny Devine, Eric Young, Jimmy Rave

I admit, I was a little skeptical about this match, it just seemed like a terrible matching, but it turned out to be quite entertaining. I’m still impressed about Consequences Creed, he’s got a great smooth transition on his high flying moves. The match was back and forth, and they did a surprising job of getting everyone involved, and although it wasn’t as long as I thought, it was pretty well done; for a spot fest. Consequences Creed got the win with a roll up, but Johnny Devine jumps in and beats down Consequences Creed, and the Rock and Rave Infection jumps in too beat him up too.

Abyss comes out, dressed in white, and cleans house. He choke slams the crap out of people. We need more Abyss, that’s all I’m saying. Consequences Creed saved by Abyss.

Backstage Segment 2:

Team 3-D and Angle are talking backstage to JB saying that they are all scum bags. They then say that they are going to mop up later on in the event. They say that Sting is going to be there, and that he is going to Shock the world. Angle then states that it’s no big surprise that Sting is coming through and turning heel.

Karen’s Angle (Backstage Segment 3)

Kaz is interviewed by Karen Angle, in a weird looking talk show looking thing. Kaz talks about his evolution in professional wrestling, TNA and the high roads and low points of his career. It’s cut short, and they claim that he’s going to have part 2 of his interview next week on Impact.

Matt “The Blueprint” Morgan defeated Kory Chavis

I still believe that you do not need to have a jobber to prove a monster’s ability. This was a squash match and it wasn’t cool to watch to me. This isn’t the 1980’s or early 90’s, we don’t need to be sold this type of match up. Matt Morgan squashes this no name guy, and of course the announcers go nuts. Matt Morgan will always be a stuttering gimmicky wrestler, until he faces some serious opposition.

Backstage Segment 4:

The Motor City Machine Guns talk about how they are going to be beating the crap out of Beer Money. They also talk about how Detroit is the murder city, and that they are going to murder Beer Money…but with straps.

Backstage Segment 5:

The super hero group of Super Eric, Stone Cold Shark Boy and Curry Man are backstage talking about their new slogan. Lame.

Strap Match Beer Money defeated The Motor City Machine Guns

First of all these straps did not look like leather. If they were, that’s cool, but I want to imagine them as plastic or canvas straps, because they didn’t look like leather to me. But lets give them the benefit of the doubt.

This match was good, and surprising, considering that the straps are on each others wrists. This wasn’t as violent as the dog collar match from Bach as the Beach 96, but it will have to do. This match was crazy, and they really went to town on each other. I couldn’t help but feeling that the guns were just out wrestled at times. However, The Guns really put up a great fight, and the crowd really started to get behind them towards the closing of this match.

A ref bump prompted the finish to this match, and Jackie handed some hand cuffs to Beer Money and with those they knocked out Sabin, and the Guns lose the match thanks to the repeated interference of Jackie in this match.

Post match, they whip the crap out of one of the members of the gun, and you know what? GOOD! That’s what you get for talking smack. LAX comes out for the save, but it’s already too late, Beer money leaves.

Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde defeated Velvet Sky

I blinked and almost missed this match. Velvet Sky loses the match in 5 seconds! A roll up, and it’s over. This match sucked, and this sucked.

Velvet Sky then gets dared to come back to the ring, for another match.

Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde defeated Velvet Sky

They do this match again, and once again, a quick roll up and it’s over. What a horrible sequence of events. The second match was roughly twenty seconds. This was dumb, this made me feel dumb to watch this.

Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde defeated Velvet Sky via disqualification

So we go again! A third match of the same thing, and this is going to be stupid, and it was. Taylor Wilde basically squashes Velvet Sky, but to Sky’s credit, she did manage a little offense this time, and although it was not successful, it made up for the first two throwaway matches. Angelina Love managed to work Wilde outside the ring and try to get Velvet Sky a better shot at the title. The match showed a little more fight then previous matches and at times Taylor Wilde was hitting Sky with some stiff kicks and harsh slaps, which was a shock considering that divas don’t do this in wwe. We saw a nice bridge suplex to pin, but Angelina Love came in and caused the dq ending. Then proceeds to beat down Taylor Wilde.

Post match:

After a beatdown of Taylor Wilde, the beautiful people were about to put a paper bag over her head, but ODB and Gail Kim come down for the save! ODB has a turkey leg! Man, she’s kind of hot! (oh man, I’m going to get worked for that one) I kid, of course, or do I?

Backstage Segment 6:

Sonjay Dutt is in the hospital with So Cal Val, and she is about to tell him that she loves him somehow, but they get interrupted by a doctor and a bed pan.

Too bad Jay Lethal couldn’t come out and mop up. Oh well.

Kurt Angle and Team 3-D In a Tables Match defeated Christian Cage, Rhino, and Aj Styles

This match didn’t turn out like I thought it would, and it was actually pretty good in my opinion. The match was given the whole second half of the second hour, so the backstage antics were cut to a minimum, and the main eventers really did put on a show. The tables were breaking left and right, and the guys were really trying to throw something together, even if it came across a bit poorly in the case of the Team 3-D eliminations.

We saw AJ Styles and Kurt Angle as the final two, but we got a ref bump, Team 3-D came back in, and Frank Trigg also made his presence felt as they threw Christian Cage through a table for the win.

In Ring Segment 2:

This segment had Samoa Joe and Booker T facing off in the ring for a contract signing. It was pretty boring, but the mic skills were turned on blast and they each had words for each other. I’m not sure why Kevin Nash is out there, since he doesn’t do anything but stand there and get paid for no particular reason.

Booker T signs the contract then the lights go out.

Booker T is left standing in the ring with a bat, the lights come back on and Samoa Joe is laid out cold. No explanation is given, and the announcers say that it must have been Sting!

TNA Impact Review 7/24/2008 Quick Results:

Consequences Creed defeated Johnny Devine, Eric Young, Jimmy Rave

Matt “The Blueprint” Morgan defeated Kory Chavis

Strap Match Beer Money defeated The Motor City Machine Guns

TNA Women's Title Matches
Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde defeated Velvet Sky
Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde defeated Velvet Sky
Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde defeated Velvet Sky

Six Man Tables Match
Kurt Angle and Team 3-D In a Tables Match defeated Christian Cage, Rhino, and Aj Styles

Every podcast I listen to absolutely hates TNA right now. I on the other hand, don't think it's so bad. I actually like watching this stuff, it's an alternative to WWE for me. I'm one of those people that loves wrestling no matter what. Sure, there are a few sour spots, but I watch these.

This show had a lot of wrestling compared to most TNA shows. The main event was really fun to watch, and it was about as good as any Team 3-D tables match from the WWE run. I miss those days, but oh well.

The cruiserweights in TNA are amazing. These guys are really athletic, and they put on a show when the company gives them time to perform. I enjoyed their matches.

As for the women's title matches, this was messed up. The first two instances just infuriated me. However, the third match was cool, and seeing the ODB and Gail Kim run in was awesome. The Turkey leg was hilarious!

I miss Moose though. Darn injuries!

TNA Impact was the second best show so far, and I liked it. Although, I felt that the show could use more wrestling, less stories. That's for sure.

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