Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ECW 7/29/2008 Review New Stuff

First and foremost, ECW doesn’t look like ECW at all anymore. There was huge pyro, a huge stage, and all sorts of stupidity for such an “extreme” show. Todd Grisham shows up and he is the new in ring announcer for ECW. That guy is one lucky son of a gun! He’s living my dream, that’s for sure.

Matt Hardy In Ring Segment:

What a lame segment. Matt Hardy can’t really talk on the mic, he has no charisma, although he’s a lot better than previous years, that’s for sure. I’m getting tired of seeing Mark Henry bending crap, it just seems stupid to me. I’m tired of seeing this already. Matt Hardy then says something to the effect of, inanimate objects don’t fight back, and no one cared. What a waste of time, ECW sucks now. Seriously, what happened to my favorite show? What happened to Paul Heyman? This piece of junk is lame.

One thing is for sure, Todd Grisham is amazing compared to Mike Adamle, and he already corrected Tazz! Awesome! Grisham is my guy…next to Joey Styles, I wish he would come back.

Ricky Ortiz defeated Chavo Guerrero via Disqualification

If you shaved Ricky Ortiz’s head he would look a lot like The Rock. He has the same facial bone structure. He lacks the charisma however. Chavo with another loss, and Bam once again just proved he’s the worst body guard of all time. Evan Bourne came out for the save after the match, but this really wasn’t all that great. In fact, this match was boring, and I’m sad to say that Chavo’s grounded offense is really lackluster. I really miss the times when Chavo was fast and could fly. It seems like the juice has made me a slower small wrestler, and his ground attack is not that strong at all. It’s stupid. The match was lame, and Ortiz looked weak throughout.

Backstage segment Collin Delaney:

Collin backstage is hilarious. He genuinely looks out of place, which is good for his character. He’s a horrible actor though. Matt Hardy will wrestle Collin tonight, and if he wins, he’ll be part of the posse backstage. Something tells me this isn’t going to fair well for Delaney. But at least he’s a major part of the show, that’s always good.

The Miz & John Morrison defeated Hornswoggle & Finlay

I’m so tired of seeing these guys wrestle. How many times have we seen this match up? It seems that the ECW roster, although some improvements thanks to the draft, just recycles all their matches and creates a cluster of stupid matches that they spoon feed us on a weekly basis. Do they think they are doing us any favors by showing the same stupid matches week in and week out. I hope this doesn’t mean that we’re going to see these guys go at it at Summerslam, because if this match is on the card, things are going to be really sad for me and the rest of the WWE fans out there that are tired of this match, it’s the same match they’ve been having all along and there is no story development in the ring or outside the ring. I think that maybe, in the long run, little Hornswoggle isn’t going to be at Finlay’s corner. Mike Knox runs in afterwards and confirms my suspicions by beating down Finlay, then looking at Hornswoggle as though he’s next. Knox sucks.

Matt Hardy and Walker Backstage:

Hardy cracks a “wildcat” joke, and a deadpan audience was drooling and not listening. Lame back stage segment.

Matt Hardy defeated Collin Delaney

No surprise here, this really was a lame duck of a match up. Delaney bumps like crazy for Matt Hardy, losing as usual. He gets worked over hard, and this match is just proving that Hardy can go, and Collin can bump. He really gets tossed around in this match up, and really doesn’t do much else. I don’t like how WWE gets these new talents, only to bury them. Some might call it paying dues, but come on, this is just getting ridiculous, but I guess it beats sitting in an office writing about wrestling.

Mark Henry annihilates Collin afterwards, throwing him over the top rope onto the floor.

ECW 7/29/2008 Quick Results:

Ricky Ortiz def. Chavo Guerrero (disqualification)
The Miz & John Morrison def. Finlay & Hornswoggle
Matt Hardy def. Colin Delaney

What happened to ECW? It just looks like another WWE show now, it doesn’t resemble anything like the old ECW and it’s not even Extreme. They might as well just give it up. It bores me to see how bad things have gotten. This whole show needs to get cancelled. There’s not a whole lot to this show, and not even the Divas were around to spice things up, even though I hate their wrestling, at least they are eye candy.

ECW was horrible.

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