Thursday, July 10, 2008

ECW, Triple H and Podcasting

Hello Wrestling fans, it's me again, with another great post.

I missed ECW this week, and am too lazy to come up with a review. I am most likely going to check it out via the site, but I won't have a review this week for you, i'm sorry.

As for TNA, I'll be watching that and reviewing it for you guys. I'm not sure if anyone likes TNA but I am not turned off by it just yet.

I checked out the TRIPLE H's DVD and it's not half bad. I recommend it if you want to get some insight into his career. The multi-disc set is basically a bunch of his classic matches, with him talking before hand about them and the time frame they took place in. It's a worthwhile watch, and you should pick it up sooner than later.

I've been listening in on some wrestling podcasts, and for the most part, all wrestling podcasts seem to hate on the product a lot.

I'm tinkering with my mic, and was wondering if you...the valuable reader, would like me to weigh in? Would you guys tune in to a wrestling podcast from this website? Let me know, leave me a comment and let me get your thoughts.

Also, if you like the site, subscribe to our rss feed, and's safe, I swear.

I'll get back to my regular posting schedule asap. For now...just relax and wait for the impact review tomorrow sometime.

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