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ECW Review 8/19/2008 The Hardy Show Continues

I almost didn’t review ECW, I was so tired that I wanted to just sleep. However, I made a pot of coffee, burned the midnight oil and wrote this review for all 2 readers of you out there that actually read this blog, and sometimes comment. This one is for you!

John Morrison & The Miz and Chavo defeated Evan Bourne, Super Crazy and Tommy Dreamer

They fired Colin Delaney, but they kept the jobber Tommy Dreamer? I don’t understand this reasoning. Not only that, Super Crazy is still on the roster too? I don’t understand what the WWE is doing, but than again, I never know what is going on with the WWE. I just watch it, and I enjoy it. Maybe a little too much since I’m so tired, or maybe I’m just tired of wwe.

The match was quite good and the six men really put on a great opening bout. We saw the usual high flying spots, and it was a rather quick match up. It was really meant to put the faces over, and more importantly Evan Bourne. However, even with all the momentum going their way, the team of Dreamer, Crazy and Bourne lost thanks to the Miz. The Miz got the pin and the bad guys take one from the good guys. A good opener, and an interesting amount of action for an opening match up, it was nice to hear an E-C-W chant from the crowd.

Ricky Ortiz defeated Gavin Spears

Who in the blue hell is Gavin Spears? All I know is that Spears really put the boots to Ortiz, seriously. For a jobber, they really allowed Spears to work some great offense into this match up. We even saw a cobra clutch in the match up, which I haven’t seen in a long time. Ortiz takes a lot of punishment for what should be nothing more than a squash match. At one point in the match up, the fans were rallying behind Ortiz, but in low bursts. Spears eventually lost to what is just a big splash, seriously, nothing major, just a big splash. Ortiz reminds me of a guy from Final Fight….what says you?

Finlay in Ring Segment:

Finlay comes out and does a random promo. He calls out Mike Knox and calls him a coward. Knox comes out, and the two brawl it out and what appears to be security comes out to stop them. This is good work, maybe they could have more brawls to set up feuds instead of other angles. More fights! Remember when fights broke out all the time backstage and on the ramp, then the feuds really meant something? Those were the days.

Mark Henry defeated Matt Hardy (Ecw Championship Match)

We finally get Hardy vs. Henry and I wasn’t really looking forward to this. Summerslam was a waste of money if you were paying for this match, and I didn’t like how necessarily turned out, however tonight we get a full match up from these two. Hardy is incredibly over with the Ecw crowd. The crowd was way into this match and only for Hardy’s sake. No matter how much offense Hardy got in at the end, Atlas made sure that Henry walked out with the title belt, and he pulled it off.

Hats off to Hardy for putting on a great show. He really looked convincing, and he can be a major contender for a bigger push in the WWE if he continues on this path. He made Mark Henry have a great match, and I used to hate mizark henry, but not anymore, this Hardy program is great.

ECW Results 8/19/2008

John Morrison & The Miz and Chavo defeated Evan Bourne, Super Crazy and Tommy Dreamer
Ricky Ortiz defeated Gavin Spears
Mark Henry defeated Matt Hardy (Ecw Championship Match)

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