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Tna Impact Results and Review 8/21/2008 AJ Medals

Kurt Angle Segment:

Kurt Angle shows up and says he knows who’s behind the guitars showing up, and that we are in planet Angle!

Hernandez defeated Robert Roode

Hernandez and Roode put on a good match. Hernandez does a lot of power moves, and Roode just gets beat down for the majority of this match. This match is not half bad considering these two are bigger guys. Lots of near falls to carry the match to a good high point, the fans were definitely behind LAX in this one. Jackie came in but Salinas went after her, but Hernandez didn’t miss a beat. Storm came out and ended up distracting Roode, Hernandez then dropped Roode for the win.

AJ Styles Segment:

Aj Styles challenges Kurt Angle in a Ladder Match for the Gold Medal! Aj isn’t all that good on the mic, but it’s not a train wreck, that’s for sure.

Eric Young & Bg James defeated The Motor City Machine Guns

The Motor City Machine Guns must be the jobber tag team of TNA, because I have yet to see them win a match! They never win! They are an established tag team and they lose to a couple of guys that were teaming up for the first time ever! This is bad booking, no matter how you slice it, it’s just a stupid thing to do. The match was relatively good, and better than I had previously anticipated. I didn’t know it was going to go down this way, and the match had a lot of back and forth action between the two teams. It wasn’t a technical classic, but it was worth checking out, the two teams did a great job getting in offense and there were a few near falls and definitely showed some great action, however it was all over with Eric Young picking up the pin.

Post match, The Machine Guns act like sore losers, and hopefully they turn heel enough to win a match.

Kurt Angle Booker T Segment:

Booker forces Angle and JB to take off their shoes, and to show him some respect. Booker talks in a weird accent. Angle asks for Booker to be on his side to watch out for the guitar shows up. Booker then asks for Angle’s help to protect him against Rhino later on in the night.

This segment was boring. Booker T is acting like King Booker, only it’s not working as well. I don’t know if like the whole Royal T angle, it just doesn’t seem the same as before. Maybe if there was a comedic element to it, or if someone could play off his lack of being British or anything. I don’t know. It just doesn’t fit for me.

Karen’s Angle Segment:

This is stupid. I hate this segment. So Cal Val has to decide between Jay and Sonjay, and Sonjay shows up. He asks Val to pick him, and Jay shows up to beat down Sonjay, and then there’s a lot of screaming. Jay accidentally knocks out Val, and we get screams! The announcers say that she suffered a concussion and facial bruising. I want my time back this is stupid.

Rough Cut Consequences Creed:

I don’t want to hear this, Creed is good, but he’s NOT a superstar just yet! I’m tired.

Matt Morgan defeated Jobber Capone

This is was stupid. Matt Morgan is jacking everyone’s moves! Seriously, he’s doing Undertaker’s moves, he’s doing Albert’s Bicycle kick, and he’s trying to act like Goldberg at the same time. This is stupid, Matt Morgan sucks, Matt Morgan’s finishing move looked really weak. This is just a stupid squash match and Morgan looks just is horrible.

Post match Bubba Ray comes out and takes major shots at Matt Morgan. Bubba Ray challenges Morgan, and Devon comes out and beats down Morgan. He’s not so tough when Team 3-D comes out is he? Abyss comes out for the save, and takes out Team 3-D. I’m sure this will set up a tag team match up where Abyss and Matt Morgan will somehow be the best tag team ever. Too bad I don’t give a crap.

A bunch of interviews happened, and I wasn’t paying attention. I was going for another Rolling Rock, and well, missed some people yelling. So I’m just not going to talk about every segment, I’m too tired, and TNA is throwing too much talking at me. So I just missed some random segments that had nothing to do with anything.

Booker T defeated Rhino

Booker T beat Rhino, which is no surprise at all. Booker really looks solid, and I’m honestly surprised that WWE would let such a talent go. He’s so good. I haven’t seen this Booker T since WCW and his Chris Benoit best of 7 series that was going on. He’s good, and he should get more of a shot at the main events in TNA, and he will. We’ll most likely see Booker T as champion facing Double J sooner than later.

Consequences Creed defeated Petey Williams via DQ

Consequences Creed is one of my favorite new guys, granted he’s not well established in TNA just yet, but he’s impressive for a rookie. This is his second shot at the x-division title and he puts up a great shot against Petey Williams. I don’t like the whole “Big Petey Pump” angle that Williams is doing, because Scott Steiner really hasn’t been relevant in nearly a decade. He just looks like Steiner, not necessarily the move sets. Creed looks like he’s on his way to winning this one, but Shiek Bashir comes out to interfere with the match up. Creed’s flip dive is amazing, you have to see this, full front flip over the top rope with no assistance and onto his feet with ease! Creed looks to be on his way to winning this match up, reversing most of Petey William’s move set. Sheik Bashir jumps in to save Wiliiams and he takes out Creed. He just goes nuts, but Creed gets his composure and rolls out of the ring.

Post Match Petey Williams and Sheik yell at each other.

Awesome Kong defeated Gail Kim in a Street Fight

Everyone was saying that this was Gail Kim’s last match in TNA. If this is her last match, then she really let it all out, because this street fight was awesome. I’m so glad that TNA is allowing the women’s division to get matches like this. I really somehow cared about this match up, as it wasn’t just some random tag match with no name divas like the WWE does on a weekly basis. This was awesome, and these two put themselves into some dangerous positions. The fight went into the crowd, and things were going back and forth. There was a lot of stiff shots in this match up, and Kim was really impressive, giving Kong some major shots to the face. Kong plays the monster role so well, and it’s not just her size, although that helps a lot.

Raisha Saeed got involved but was quickly thrown out of the ring, and Kim continued to beat down Kong until a few near falls occurred. Kim then got into trouble and was hit with a heavy handed Implant Buster and things went south, Kim lost this one after a massive Implant Buster on Kim, it was bad news.

Post match, Kong wanted to drop Kim onto a chair, and wasn’t able to succeed due to the ref’s getting knocked out. Kim’s sister jumped the rail and entered the ring, ODB and Roxxi came out for the save.

Aj Styles defeated Kurt Angle in a Ladder Match

This match was an instant classic. Which is interested, Christian wasn’t on this show. But this match really wasn’t half bad. I’m surprised that Angle is competing so much, as I heard rumors that he had a hurt neck, he’s definitely doing something right. Booker T and Samoa Joe were both at ringside watching this one. The match saw Aj Styles dropping Angle on his neck a lot, lots of back breakers, and high spots. Angle on the other hand did a lot of rest holds and chockes.

One thing that I noticed about this match was, there are not a lot of bumps that involve falls or ladder spots. There are a few times where the ladder comes into play, however not in the same respect as a WWE ladder match. The ladder also looked a little different, and didn’t look like the standard Werner ladder or an a-frame ladder that is standard in construction. Which reminds me, when I was doing construction, I had to carry ladders on the time, and they aren’t that heavy and don’t hurt that much. The real heavy and hard hitting ladders are made of wood or stainless or aluminum steel. That’s just a sidenote, sorry, but this ladder didn’t seem all that heavy, and if you saw the match you’ll know what I mean.

Samoa Joe and Booker T start fighting outside! Booker T hits Samoa Joe with a baseball bat, knocking him out. Aj and Kurt Angle are on the ladder fighting when the lights go out, when the lights come back on, AJ is on the ladder with a guitar and he knocks out Kurt Angle with it, and Angle falls to his near death. (I’m joking) Of course, no one knows where the guitar is coming from, but they are all convinced that they know who it is. I know one thing, I’m bored with this stupid lights out thing.

TNA Results 8/22/2008

Hernandez defeated Robert Roode
Eric Young & Bg James defeated The Motor City Machine Guns
Matt Morgan defeated Jobber Capone
Booker T defeated Rhino
Consequences Creed defeated Petey Williams via DQ
Awesome Kong defeated Gail Kim in a Street Fight
Aj Styles defeated Kurt Angle in a Ladder Match

Admittedly this edition of TNA impact wasn’t my favorite. However, if you look at the sheer number of matches, you’ll notice that there is a lot of wrestling in theory. There is a lot more wrestling than you would see in WWE, however these matches aren’t extremely long. There are a few matches that stand out this time around though, including the TNA knockouts street fight and the ladder match. These two were definitely above par in comparison to the other nights in wrestling so far.

I do not enjoy the TNA backstage and interview segments as I feel that there is a lot of wasted time spent in nonsense backstage segments and random interviews. I am so bored and uninterested in some of these, that I grew tired of watching the whole show. I even stopped taking notes about them mid way through this review.

Tna is doing good, but I think they could do more in the wrestling department, and less backstage antics and talking.

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  1. I got to see the Kim/Kong and Styles/Angle matches, and I have to say I was thoroughly entertained.



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