Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ECW Results 8/26/08 and Review The Clone

Teddy Long Segment:

Teddy Long said that the ECW championship will be on the line in a championship scramble match and tonight we will have matches to see who qualifies for the Unforgiven event.

Why is the ECW brand following the other two brands? It just doesn’t make sense to me to make a clone out of the brand, but whatever, Matt Hardy came out so I stopped thinking.

Matt Hardy defeated John Morrison

Hardy is way over, and it’s amazing. I can’t believe how many people are behind Matt Hardy. The crowd just goes nuts for him, even though he lacks in the mic skills department. That’s alright, his in ring work is tried and true and for whatever reasons he’s not killing himself out there, like his brother is. This match was a standard match up, John Morrison getting a lot of damage given to him by Hardy, only to bounce back and start working on Hardy. The crowd was red hot for Hardy, breaking out in Hardy chants throughout this match up. Great opening match up, Morrison and Hardy work really well together and the back and forth action was fast and furious at times. There wasn’t a lot of rest holding or random clotheslines, this match had a great amount of wrestling, both technical and high impact or high flying. I got distracted by the similar patterns on the wrestlers pants, then Hardy hit the Twist of Fate for the win. I did notice one thing though, the announcers gave Hardy the victory before the three count occurred ,which seemed a little odd, but oh well. Hardy goes on to the scramble by beating Morrison clean.

Mark Henry Backstage Segment:

Mark Henry tries to act, but it’s a train wreck. He says that it’s a personal thing between him and Teddy Long because the scramble doesn’t favor the champion at all. Teddy Long reassures him that it’s not personal, and it’s all over. Henry walks away sad, and I am saddened by this horrible performance.

The Miz defeated Evan Bourne

The Miz really grounded Evan Bourne in this match, even though Bourne did get in a few moves in the onset of this match up. It might have been lack of experience on The Miz’s part or it might have been done for time, but it seemed that Evan Bourne did not just roll through this match up like he has been in previous weeks. That being said, this match was actually not half bad, and for once, The Miz is showing some major in ring improvements and maybe he doesn’t suck as bad as I had previously noted. He’s actually doing quite well in there, and it showed during this match. This could also be in large part to Evan Bourne’s talent, but I’ll give credit where it’s due, this match was actually quite good, and even the rest hold in the middle of the match didn’t bug me. I can’t believe how it all turned out, The Miz hit the Reality Check and won this match clean over Evan Bourne. Evan’s winning streak comes to an end at the hands of The Miz. Yeah, I just said that, and you just read that…can you believe this? The Miz gets a title shot? This just doesn’t seem right somehow. Not half bad, the match was good, Evan Bourne made The Miz look really good, and The Miz put up a good match for a change as well. I liked this match a lot.

Chavo Guerrero defeated Tommy Dreamer

I ask this every time I see Tommy Dreamer in the ring; Tommy Dreamer is still employed? Apparently, Dreamer has managed to shake off that “ecw” thing? I’m not sure why Tommy Dreamer still has a job, but I’ll go with it, if I have to. I can’t believe this is going down, but Tommy Dreamer tried his best against Chavo Guerrero. The crowd was half asleep for the majority of this match, and I don’t believe that Tommy should still be wrestling. He gets in a good amount of offense, and Chavo really looked bad in this match up, getting pummeled through a lot of this match, and of course getting no help from Bam. Bam gets involved in the match, Chavo hits the frog splash and beats Tommy Dreamer. At least Tommy got a win over Colin Delaney before he got fired. Because he could at least say that he’s gotten a win this year, because it might be his last. Chavo joins the rest of the crew in the ECW main event.

Finlay defeated Mike Knox

Why the WWE would give this match up for free is beyond me. This match was building quite well, but it just didn’t come to a lot of fruition, unless the feud will continue after this match. Lots of power moves, lots of rest holds, and Finlay was getting beat up for most of this match. Knox is huge, and Finlay really had a hard time in the second part of this match. Initially, Finlay seemed to have this match in control, but with one power lariat, Knox had control. Knox is huge, and Finlay looked tired for a good part of this match up. Finlay cheats to win as is customary for him, and beats Mike Knox by knocking him out. Finlay defeats Mike Knox and goes on to the Unforgiven ECW title match.

ECW Results 8/26/08

Matt Hardy defeated John Morrison
The Miz defeated Evan Bourne
Chavo Guerrero defeated Tommy Dreamer
Finlay defeated Mike Knox

They stuffed a lot of wrestling into this show, and it was interesting to see things go down. I liked this show, and it is most likely going to be the best show of the week.

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