Thursday, August 7, 2008

Over Analyzing Wrestling: Injuries and More

Kennedy got into the news again, and guess what? He’s injured! That’s right, Kennedy seems to be having bad luck with staying healthy, and since getting suspended for the Juice, he’s once again on the injured list. This is the second time in recent years that he’s had an injury. He won’t be out too much longer, just a few weeks from what I’m hearing, but this can’t fair well for his stagnant push towards the midcard hell that Benjamin used to be in. Kennedy seems to just be having a string of bad luck, and this isn’t going to be a main seller for his potential, and most likely will slow down his non existent push. He’ll be back and be fed to Koslov most likely. Kennedy needs to stay healthy for long periods of time, and if the shoulder is going to be a problem, maybe he needs to get that thing worked on. Look at Randy Orton and his shoulder!

Mick Foley wants to quit. That’s right, he wants to quit because his boss Vince McMahon keeps yelling at him. I hear ya Foley, I wouldn’t want anyone yelling into my headset for hours on end, but then again, the paycheck man! I read that Foley is in a good financial state and doesn’t HAVE to work! What the heck? Foley! I hope you read what I say somehow, get a yellow pad of paper and start writing! That’s right! You’re a New York Times best selling Author, so get back to it! Forget the WWE and talking, and getting beat up for no reason! Just walk away, and start writing again and listening to Christmas music in August! I would quit if I were Foley, but I don’t know how Foley really is, so I guess I’m just talking out of ignorance. I know one thing’s for sure, if my job had a boss that screamed at me, and I didn’t have to work here, I wouldn’t.

Ric Flair is done with the WWE. Didn’t HE RETIRE? WHAT THE HECK? How is this news? This bugs me greatly! Who cares! He’s retired now! No more talk about Ric Flair! We don’t talk about Kevin Sullivan, Steamboat, and other retired wrestlers do we? Dangit!

Triple H sucks. That’s right, He sucks. Why? He just had a kid, he has the title, and he’s non existent on Smackdown, yet he has a match with Khali coming up at Summerslam? What the heck? Someone strip Triple H of the title for inactivity, please! CM Punk is turning into a workhorse over on Raw and Triple H is just living it up. Nice, way to show the other guys that being champion means a lot of work. If he’s going to take time off, at least get the title on someone who’s going to be defending it, or better yet, all titles need to get the same defense schedule as Punk. That guy is wrestling single’s matches each Monday Night. I demand more out of the champions if Punk is going to be used this way.

No sign of Mysterio. Maybe he’ll just get fired with the rest of the cruiserweights.

TNA news? I don’t know if anything that comes out of TNA is real or fake. I mean didn’t Kaz quit? Not really, just in the show. Apparently Tomko quit? Maybe. Team 3 D wan’ts more money? I don’t know. TNA sucks at promoting themselves sometimes, and they are a LONG way from being a true alternative to WWE like WCW was.

That does it for what I had to talk about. Wrestling so far this week hasn’t been great, Raw was good though, but not great. Maybe Impact and Smackdown will rescue things a bit.

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