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ECW 8/12/2008 Review Pre-Summerslam Extreme

Colin Delaney vs. Tommy Dreamer

Delaney and Dreamer again in an extreme rules match up. Delaney can bump, he is bumping like crazy, but he’s not doing so hot. He gets beat down like crazy, and Dreamer looks like a champ, instead of a chump. Dreamer is still employed? I’m not sure why Delaney is not winning any matches, and he loses this one in no major surprise to me. Dreamer does the usual plunder spots, and eventually wins with a ddt.

Miz and Morrison Interview Segment:

These two are great together, but they need some sort of team uniformity. They can go far with this gimmick, but something tells me that they will put into singles wrestling sooner than later. They are great on the mic, that’s for sure. This was just a recap from last week and the two mouthing off about not having to be champions to get over, which is splendid if you ask me.

Evan Bourne defeated Bam

I’m not sure why they are doing this, but I’m tired of seeing this crap. Did anyone really think this match would go any other way that it went? Evan Bourne is a great wrestler, he’s doing a lot of great things in the WWE right now, and they are letting him really do his move set, which is well timed and great to see on ECW. Evan Bourne would have been amazing in the WCW days, where they even had a cruiserweight tag team division! Bam puts on a good fight, but he just wrestles the average big man match up with heavy clotheslines and random power moves, nothing too crazy. Evan Bourne wins a surprisingly easy match, and that’s about it.

Armando Estrada Segment:

Armando finally gets a contract with ECW and Teddy Long, and then gets put into a match against Finlay. Nothing major about this, except some random blonde chick is in the back.

Finlay defeated Armando Estrada

Finlay puts the boots to Estrada and for 75% of this match up Finlay was beating Estrada to a pulp. Then Mike Knox came out to the ring, distracted Finlay and Estrada started to take control of this match up. This match was boring. There were a lot of rest holds, and just overall slow movements, and it was really hard to get into. Like I’ve said many times before, if this is what Extreme is, I don’t want to watch it. It’s really stupid, and the match is overall slower than I could have ever anticipated. Estrada looks good, I do admit that, and he has some moves, when he’s not putting Finlay in head locks and sleeper holds. Knox looked menacing, but no one cares about that idiot. Finlay wins this match up and then requests for Knox to come to the ring. Nothing happens, the match is over, and we get another Finlay win. This match turned around towards the end, but it was really hard to watch, as it was slow and had no build up or importance other than to screw over Estrada and his new contract.

Ricky Ortiz Segment:

Ricky Ortiz is back stage talking to Long, and is placed into a match with a new superstar to Ecw next week. Who knows who it is?

Matt Hardy & Mark Henry vs. Miz & Morrison

This match couldn’t possibly be good, right? I admit, Matt Hardy is way over with this crowd and really is the biggest face on ECW right now. Everyone else doesn’t get a whole lot of cheers or attention. Henry and Hardy teaming up is just another stupid move by the WWE. It’s almost like they are repeating the storylines from Raw to ECW with different characters. Why is it that on ECW, we get tag matches for the main events? Is that Extreme at all? I don’t recall ECW back at Viking Hall having this stupid matches.

The match wasn’t too crazy, standard tag team match up. Hardy looked great, but the former tag team champs were looking like a well oiled machine, proving my point that a real tag team shouldn’t just get squashed into oblivion by whomever is chasing the title at the time. Mark Henry didn’t do a whole lot in this match, and it was nice for him huh? He worked like ten minutes and makes his paycheck. Matt Hardy took this match to the limits at times with Morrison, and these two are probably going to feud again in the near future. Hardy pins Morrison and wins! This seemed like a botched ending, because Morrison kicked out and Mark Henry was upset that he didn’t get the tag, this looked really bad. Morrison was really surprised, and the referee didn’t break character. This match was just the Hardy show, Henry didn’t really do anything, and the announcers really sold that surprise ending. I wonder if it was a work or a shoot? Who really knows?

Henry and Hardy celebrate the victory, and then gets knocked out for his troubles. Henry drops Hardy and laughs, and we get the fade out and it’s over. Matt Hardy will face Mark Henry this weekend at Summerslam for the ECW championship. It will be an interesting match up, indeed.

ECW Quick Results 8/11/2008

Tommy Dreamer def. Colin Delaney
Evan Bourne def. Bam Neely
Finlay def. Armando Estrada
ECW Champion Mark Henry & Matt Hardy def. John Morrison & The Miz

The first match of the night was cool. I like ECW going back to the extreme thing. I didn't like the ending, nor the repetitive nature of this show as a whole. Best match so far was the opener.

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