Thursday, August 21, 2008

Over Analyzing Wrestling: Kennedy Gone, Gail Kim Returns

There are a few things going on in my head in regards to wrestling. First and foremost it’s the news that Gail Kim is leaving TNA! This is bound to get more hits than if I were to post about Gail Kim being naked! From what I have read, Gail Kim is leaving because of money and not because she was in any way unhappy with TNA. Will Gail Kim be relegated to just being another diva? Most likely Gail Kim is going to be put on the Raw roster and it’s going to be nice to get her in the mix with Mickie James, The Glamazon and uh…crap…that’s about it. Apparently the WWE thinks that Gail Kim is great enough to offer her a large amount of cash. I like Gail Kim, I hope she has a great time over at WWE and hopefully there’s some great wrestling on Raw and WWE in general from the women’s division.

The second piece of news, is one that is going to get a lot of speculation online. Kennedy’s contract is expiring soon and I believe that WWE might be letting him go. He’s too injury prone, and everytime they push him he gets injured and has to take a lot of time off. He’s off the juice, and while his in ring segments are over, he hasn’t had anything memorable in the ring. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but if Kennedy is gone, will anyone really miss him? I won’t. I barely miss him now.

WWE Fired Colin Delaney. That's right, one of the bright spots on ECW has now gone.

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