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WWE Smackdown Results and review 8/22/08 More Same

Friday nights are the hardest for me. I spend 40 hours a week on a computer, and the last thing I want to do is review wrestling on a computer, but for you guys, my 3 readers, I’ll do anything…even if no one reads or buys anything! Whatever….I did manage to score 2 tickets to the October Raw here in Seattle, Wa. It is going to be a classic, the night after the October ppv.

Vickie Guerrero Pre-Recorded Segment:

This is boring. Seriously, this is the most boring introduction to Smackdown ever! She talks about how there’s going to be a Championship Scramble for Unforgiven! So both brands will have a championship scramble? Anyone else want breakfast? This truly does sound like something off of a Denny’s menu. I’m hungry, anyone else?

Maria defeated Natalya via Disqualification

Natalya is a little chunky for a diva, but she can wrestle! Did I see this correctly? Was Maria really trying to wrestle in this match up? She wasn’t exactly doing so hot out there, she did a few wrist moves, and arm drags, but not a whole lot more than that. Natalya was obviously trying to get Maria over, but it was short lived because Natalya nearly breaks Maria’s leg with a knee takedown. Maria is way too fragile for this type of wrestling and Natalya definitely looked to be overpowering Maria throughout the match. I know that the WWE is trying to push more “wrestling” amongst the women’s division, but honestly, it’s not working all that well for me. Maria’s efforts are great, and I applaud her attempts at getting better, but she’s got so long to go, that it doesn’t even matter how much she tries. Seriously, how many clothesline do I have to watch in one match? I’m sure Natalya has more in her than to bump for a wannabe wrestler, but oh well. Marise came out to interfere, and helped Natalya.

Post match, Michelle McCool came running down to ring side, and wow, she’s kind of good looking, but come on…is she really going to do anything to Natalya? I don’t know. This match sucked and I’m glad they finished it off.

Big Show backstage segment:

Big Show talks to Vickie and wants to be in the championship scramble, but he was left off the show, and walks away sad. That’s about it.

Big Show comes out and just sits down for whatever reason. He’s most likely going to force himself into the match at Unforgiven.

I’m tired of seeing The Big Show randomly smiling and waving at people, it seems like a stupid thing for him to be doing all the time. Can we just give him another gimmick or a feud, cause he’s wasted just smiling around, looking all cool and what not. Andre didn’t have to deal with that, did he? I think Andre was usually a heel and always a monster. Big show is boring.

The Brian Kendrick defeated Koslov, Jimmy Wang Yang, Super Crazy, Funaki, Hawkins and Ryder, Armando Estrada, The Brian Kendrick, Colt Cabana (not sure what his wwe name is) some other no name idiot in a 10 man elimination match

This match was cool. The Big Show came in and started eliminating everyone! He was throwing people over the top rope like crazy, he was tossing people two and three at a time. Show threw Kendrick over but his bodyguard caught him and his feet never touched the floor, so he wins the match by default. Kendrick qualifies for the WWE Championship Scramble at Unforgiven! You read that right, Brian Kendrick is getting a WWE title shot!

Where’s Paul London? Brian Kendrick is getting a monster push right now. He’s now in the WWE title picture with this win over 9 other guys thanks to The Big Show helping out. This has to be one of the biggest pushes in recent history. In fact, I haven’t seen such a huge push since Rick “The Model” Martel got a monster push as a singles wrestler back in the early 90’s. Wait, maybe not since Shawn Michaels went forward with a title show in 1992 against Bret Hart at a Survivor Series, remember that? Michaels was the Intercontinental champion and he got the title shot, only to lose to Hart in the closing moments of the match up! Will Brian Kendrick get a title run this early? Maybe. He is seriously getting pushed hard, but I can’t help but fear for Paul London, maybe he’ll just fade away. This match was a basic jobber style match. Show threw everyone out, and it was all over fast. You didn’t miss much in this bathroom match, the only thing good that came out of this was the ending.

R-Truth Segment:

I’m tired of seeing these. I know who the guy is, just unleash him like they unleashed D-Lo brown when he came out!

MVP defeated Festus via count out

MVP was getting his butt wooped in this match. He was not having an easy time with Festus at all. He was getting worked over really well by Festus. He was working hard to try and slow the big man down a little, and had been working on the shoulder of Festus, and really was looking like a veteran for a change, however Festus was just over powering MVP on all fronts. He eventually got the upper hand but not in the traditional sense. Festus clearly had this match going his way and was taking out MVP on the outside, while the ref counted up to 9 and MVP rushed a quick kick to Jesse and rolled himself in before the 10 count! The Bell rings and Festus goes back to being a lame duck. Mvp wins via count out to qualify for the WWE Championship scramble!

Post match, MVP was confused about Festus and tried to wake him up. He eventually ran full speed ahead and delivered a kick, knocking Festus over the top rope and onto the floor. MVP thought nothing of it and asked for his hand to be raised, as Festus was outside hurting for no apparent reason. MVP and The Kendrick in the title hunt together? I never thought that I would see this ever again, it’s going to be incredible to see how it all works out, and I hope that Triple H finally drops the world title, finally!

Shelton Benjamin defeated Finlay

If there are two solid workers in the WWE it’s these two. These guys are ring vets and this match proved it so well. I enjoyed this match greatly, as there were a lot of stiff shots given and taken by Benjamin and Finlay alike. At one point it looked as though Finlay got a concussion from Benjamin, then in another bump it appeared that Finlay’s back was severely hurt as it hit the ring apron hard after going over the top rope. Finlay kept in there and Benjamin was definitely losing sight as the match went further along. I’m not sure if Finlay was stalling or not, but it seemed like the ref and Benjamin were giving him time to recover after some of the harder bumps. The match was going fast and hard, but after the commercial break, Benjamin started going for rest moves, which really slowed down the pacing of the match. I kid you not, this went from back and forth, move to move, straight into a headlock and rest hold. I’m not sure why they went to a slower attack, but right when I was going to give up on this match up, things started to pick up and Finlay mounted a major comeback on Benjamin. But it was short lived as Mike Knox came out to distract Finlay, Benjamin capitalized and beat Finlay in this qualifying match up.

I thought it was a waste of time to invest so much effort into this match up, only to have Knox come out and distract Finlay. I wanted a clean finish, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Benjamin in the WWE Title hunt now? This is getting better and better by the match up.

Post match, Mike Knox gave Finlay a big boot and then started assaulting him. Benjamin left the ringside area.

Vickie Backstage Segment:

Vickie ponders whether or not to give Undertaker an apology for all that she has done in regards to his matches etc.

Jeff Hardy vs. The Great Khali

Your last match up of the evening was definitely interesting. Jeff Hardy fought The Great Khali and it was everything that I thought it would be. Khali was basically dominating this whole match up, and I wasn’t sure how Jeff Hardy would ever get the Great Khali to lose. Triple H was on color commentary and was making fun of Jeff Hardy the whole time. He basically said that “Jeff Hardy is not Triple” and maybe he was trying to telecast what was going to happen at the end of the match. However, Khali was NOT letting Hardy get any offense in, and Hardy wasn’t getting into any sort of groove at all. Hardy tried to mount comebacks in this match up but The Great Khali was continually hitting him with huge clubbing blows to the head and dropping him onto the mat. I don’t like the way Hardy is becoming another one of these “clones” that the WWE is pushing. He seems to take a beating for 75% of the match, only to lose at the very end for no apparent reason. He’s not as big as Hogan, but all the faces seem to be taking pages from the Hogan play book, allowing themselves to get beat for a good portion of the match only to win at the very last second with the help of the crowd. You can see this with C.M Punk for sure, but is Hardy doing the same thing?

Hardy managed a twist of fate, then went for everything on the top rope, but couldn’t muster up enough to get Khali down. Triple H got involved in the match and knocked Khali nearly out with a chair shot. Hardy missed the Twist of Fate, but Khali still goes down, like an idiot! Khali then hits the Swanton on Khali and picks up the three count!

This was the worst ending to a match that I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t believe that Khali was really down for this one. What a load of crap, I want my 20 minutes back! Seriously, this was the worst ending…Man, WWE screws me over again!

Triple H Promo:

Triple H cuts a promo, because he must have read my blog and realized that he wasn't putting in enough hours at the office. So he cuts this promo, and it is your average Triple H promo where he says that no one is going to beat him and he's the game and he's cool. It's odd to see the crowd not heckle Triple H at all! The crowd just stays quiet for him and Triple H just goes on and on rambling on and on about how he's a 12 time champion. He sounds like Flair, but without the charisma. Triple H is stale, someone please beat him, please! Kenny Dykstra comes out and says one sentence before getting hit in the stomach and then getting the Pedigree! That's right, Kenny comes out to the show for about two seconds and then gets knocked the F out with the pedigree. Way to earn a pay check huh?

Let me see into the future....

"The WWE has come to terms with Kenny Dykstra. The WWE wishes Kenny the best in his future endeavors..."

Anyone agree? This promo sucked.

Final Segment Vickie, La Familia, and Undertaker in the ring:

This was boring, and didn’t have a whole lot to do with wrestling as a whole. Vickie and the family were in the ring trying to ask Undertaker to forgive them. They wanted to say sorry, and Undertaker was having none of it! He beats down the gang of idiots, and this is the way Smackdown goes out. What a whimper of stupidity! Who’s writing this piece of trash? Seriously, why can’t they end the night with wrestling? I mean, last time I checked this was in fact wrestling right? At least TNA has the courtesy of ending the night with wrestling! Even though they are hacked in a lot of ways and the endings are convoluted, at least they finish things off in the ring with wrestling. WWE likes to end their shows, at least Smackdown with random talking! This is stupid, I’m too tired to complain much more.

WWE Smackdown Results 8/22/2008

Maria defeated Natalya via Disqualification
The Brian Kendrick defeated Koslov, Jimmy Wang Yang, Super Crazy, Funaki, Hawkins and Ryder, Armando Estrada, The Brian Kendrick, Colt Cabana (not sure what his wwe name is) some other no name idiot in a 10 man elimination match
MVP defeated Festus via count out
Shelton Benjamin defeated Finlay

I didn’t have much hope for this night of wrestling. I was hoping for something good and for the most part, Smackdown delivered a good show overall. At least the members of their side of the Main Event had qualifying matches. Raw simply chose their members of the title match. I liked how the night went, and my favorite match was definitely Shelton Benjamin and Finlay. Those two can really wrestle great matches if they are given the opportunity. Hopefully these two make the main event really good, but we’ll have to wait and see how that all turns out.

The diva’s match was the lowest point of this show. The women’s division desperately needs wrestlers, not just Playboy models and random lookers. I don’t want to watch sexy women in my wrestling, I want to see wrestlers that can throwdown! I swear by the TNA knockouts division, and hopefully the WWE are watching TNA for hints on how to run the divas division.

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