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WWE Smackdown Review 8/8/2008 Triple H Finally Shows Up

I missed the first ten minutes of Smackdown due to a stop at Jack & The Box after a botched dinner attempt. My wife was making a recipe that called for eggs, but I ate all the eggs, so she tried to sub, and it didn’t work. OH well! Ten minutes isn’t bad right? Hopefully you don’t mind…all 1 of you readers of mine.

Hawkins and Ryder defeated Shannon Moore and Yimmy Wang Yang

First and foremost, they fired Shannon Moore, which is awesome! He can now go to TNA again and get into the X Division. This match was standard tag fair, and the right guys won. The tag champions “edged” out Wang and Moore fast, and we get to say goodbye to Shannon Moore. Nothing great here, the champs win easy.

MVP Segment:

MVP is golden on the mic! He just casually talks about how he’s the best, and you know what? Maybe he is, dangit, I’m starting to like MVP a whole lot!

Jeff Hardy defeated Shelton Benjamin via DQ

Shelton Benjamin and Jeff Hardy put on a good match up, and the announcers didn’t make it clear to me whether or not it was for the title. I thought it should have been for the championship, Hardy should have won and defended it against MVP on Sunday, only to drop it to him. The match wasn’t so great, but Benjamin does like to work stiff now a days. He’s really putting the boots to Hardy, and Hardy looks great when working stiff, he delivers great stuff. As much as Hardy’s matches are formulaic, they are still exciting and put on a great show. The one thing that I can’t stand though, is the double standards that the WWE places on their high flyers. Hardy seems to be given the green light to just jump off the ropes, fall through tables, fall onto the floor, and just nearly break his back on a weekly basis and no one says crap. I don’t like that, but you know what? WWE doesn’t care what I think.

The match had a lot of rest holds from Benjamin, and Hardy was nearly purple through a good portion of the middle of the match. The ending was ok, but not what I personally wanted. MVP came in and caused a DQ finish, and Hardy wins via DQ. Shelton should get upset with MVP, but if his title was on the line, it was salvaged.

The Great Khali vs. Triple H Indian Arm Wrestling Match *No Contest

This is the way they are building heat? This is so stupid. Apparently there’s glass on either side of the arm wrestling stools or whatever, and if you get cut, you lose. Triple H wasted a lot of time, and didn’t really look like he wanted to do it, but he ended up going for it. Khali babbled before hand, and it was boring to me.

This whole thing is stupid to me. If this is the way they are building for the match at Summerslam, it’s a poor thing. Triple H is the worst paper champion I’ve ever seen. I hope Khali gets the belt, cause this looks stupid. An arm wrestling match? Seriously?

Triple H tried to cheat, but Khali is massive! I thought for sure Khali was going to win, and well…he basically stopped it. He headbutts triple H then the two start brawling and the crowd goes nuts. I thought it was a really lackluster ending, and I didn’t like how this turned out. Triple H can’t hit the pedigree on Khali, and Khali ends up squashing Triple H, proving that Triple H might end up losing this one, I’m not sure how he can win at the ppv…without the sledgehammer.

Khali really clamped onto Triple H with that vice grip, and I thought maybe just maybe that wrestling was real or back in the 80’s where I swore it was real. It’s hard to tell, Triple H’s face was beet red and Khali looked like he was seriously killing Triple H.

Good riddance! I hate Triple H now. He’s a lazy worker and I don’t care if he is the son in law, he’s not wrestling as much as Punk and proving that HE is the REAL paper champion NOT CM PUNK.

Khali drops Triple H and I want Khali to win the title, screw Triple H!

Hawkins Black Rose Segment:

Hawkins is back stage with a black rose…weird. Is this prelude to the Undertaker? This is weird if you ask me.

Chavo & Vickie Segment:

La Familia have been taken out tonight and Chavo doesn’t understand what’s going on. Chavo wants to get Edge involved. They are both scared, and Vickie doesn’t want to. What the heck? They don’t need this mysterious crap. I would rather see Undertaker just straight up appear and beat down everyone, have Paul Bearer back, something, not this black rose crap. Lame.

Koslov defeated Jesse

Koslov came out and demanded competition. I guess he found it with Festus. However, Festus wasn’t the one in the match! They swerved me, that’s for sure. Jesse is the guy that wrestled koslov, and this was stupid to me. I am a firm believer that no wwe tag team should be allowed to lose a match to a singles wrestler. I know, it’s hard stance, but come on, if a tag team is legit, they make sure they win at all costs. Remember when The Hart Foundation were huge? They wouldn’t get squashed like this, and I don’t know why the WWE does this to legitimate tag teams. Koslov basically squashes Jesse fast, and Festus never really got involved, and Koslov just timed the head butt really well. I liked it a lot. Koslov needs a real challenge, and these squash matches make me want to quit watching wrestling.

Chavo & Vickie Segment Deux:

Edge agreed to help Chavo, and supposedly things are going to go down. I’m tired of these backstage segments. The WWE doesn’t need this! Get more wrestling in, that’s what I say! We don’t need two TNA Impacts a week, and Smackdown is slowly turning into the same format. Less of this whiny backstage crap and more wrestling!

Brian Kendrick defeated Super Crazy

Brian Kendrick has been showing that he’s got a lot of style and substance. A lot of people are comparing him to an early Shawn Michaels. I don’t like that comparison. He’s not that good yet. He hasn’t proven anything to me. Kendrick has to go through some major opponents before he can say he’s anything like Michaels. Plus, the fans aren’t really getting behind this gimmick at all. Super Crazy has to be on his way out too. He jobs like a pro, but he could do so much better for promotions like CMLL or AAA in Mexico. I hate when the Latino wrestlers get squashed in WWE. Kendrick can be great, he just needs some more competition. What if he got fed to Koslov? Now there’s a match up!

Edge & Vickie Segment:

This is suppose to make things better somehow? Smackdown is really not my favorite show because they keep throwing these non-wrestling storylines at me. The backstage segments are too much for me. I would prefer a quick interview, or maybe a commercial, instead of seeing these guys try to act through some stupid gimmick about how the Undertaker is coming out and scaring them. Undertaker better come back like the true Deadman, otherwise, I’m going to be upset.

Imagine if he comes out as Biker Taker? That would hilarious.

Edge In Ring Segment:

This is dumb. I can’t believe that another week of Smackdown comes by with the same old crappy in ring segment. If I were there live I’d boo the crap out of this just because this is so lame. They should have a legitimate main event with real wrestling to end the show. Even TNA has some wrestling to end the show…sometimes. Edge calling out the Undertaker is just so stupid, but I do give him one thing…he really sells the whole segment. He makes it seem so legitimate that you start believing that maybe Edge feels that this whole thing is more than just a wrestling segment. I guess that’s a great thing about Edge. But it doesn’t make me feel any better about the way the show ends.

Edge turns on Chavo, that was interesting, that’s for sure. Edge’s swerve was cool, I do admit that. Maybe I spoke too soon about this whole thing. Edge looks like he’s really turning into a psycho heel, and I like that. He needs to be a lot crazier and this is going to be awesome if he shows up at Summerslam like this. We don’t need some soft Edge, we need Edge to beat the crap out of everyone, Stone Cold style. Vickie screaming was not all that great. Edge is awesome, I’m sorry, I’m flip flopping like a little kid. Undertaker is going to be in for one heck of a match up, and maybe even a fall from the top of the cage. I’m not sure why the crowd is cheering, but oh well, let’s go with it! Edge seems like the antihero now, and that’s not half bad. Maybe Lita can come out and beat Vickie down or something. That might be interesting, no? Edge is looking good now, let him get more psycho, and let him just steam roll through the title again.

WWE Smackdown 8/8/2009 Quick Results:

Natalya, Victoria, & Maryse def. Divas Champion Michelle McCool, Maria & Cherry (Six Diva WWE Olympic Tag Team Match)
WWE Tag Team Champions Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder def. Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore (Non-title)
United States Champion Shelton Benjamin vs. Jeff Hardy (Non-title, No-Contest)
WWE Champion Triple H vs. The Great Khali (Indian Broken Glass Arm Wrestling Contest, No-Contest)
Vladimir Kozlov def. Jesse
The Brian Kendrick def. Super Crazy

The show goes off the air, and another Smackdown is in the books. I still am not sold on the non wrestling ending. I don't like ending on such sour notes. Maybe the dark match is Edge vs. The Undertaker or maybe it's not.

Smackdown was not better than TNA, but Raw had some great moments. Maybe the best show this week was Raw, or maybe not. I am not completely sold on Smackdown, but oh well.

Another week of wrestling is in the books.

What did you think about this week? Let me know, if you're reading this, why not leave a comment and be a part of Feedback Sundays?

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