Sunday, August 3, 2008

Saturday Nights Main Event 8/2/2008 Review Lame Ducks

Jim Ross and The King are doing commentary on this event, that was obviously filmed earlier in the week.

JBL, Priceless, and Kane defeated Cryme Tyme, John Cena, and Batista

Kane opened up the match with Batista. This match was somewhat lengthy and the heels took control early on in the match, they really worked like a good team out there, even though tensions seemed a little high for such a match up. Nothing too crazy happened, as there were a lot of rest holds throughout the match up, and they isolated JTG for a good portion of this match up, with quick tags and constant movement in the ring. The hot tag occurs, and we see some great spots, including Cena’s finisher, Batista clearing the ring, and JTG getting thrown off the top via Cena’s help and then the clothesline from hell. The heels take this one in a good eight man tag, with plenty of entertaining spots.

The Great Khali defeated Jimmy Wang Yang

Jimmy Wang Yang gets squashed again! That’s the big news in this match up. Yang has been in the doghouse for al ong time now, and this match just quick. Khali looks amazing, Triple H doesn’t look all that great, since HE is NEVER on the shows. I hope Khali beats down Triple H and I hope Khali gets the belt. Not because I’m a huge fan of Khali, but because I’m tired of Triple H not doing any wrestling and holding a title. He does nothing, meanwhile C.M. Punk wrestles every week on Raw and puts the title on the line more often than any other champion in recent history. Khali better win!

Edge defeated Jeffy Hardy

This seemed thrown together, as a match that doesn’t mean a whole lot this was ok. A standard back and forth match ensued; the crowd was all over Jeff Hardy, he’s way over with the crowd here. Hardy flew upside down into the guard rail, and was left clutching his knee right into the commercial break. Back from the break, we see Edge focusing on Hardy’s leg like a good Bret Hart match. Edge really looks great in this match up, while Hardy builds a good comeback, Edge drops Hardy with an impaler ddt for a two count. We get a major comeback closer to the end of the match, with the whisper in the wind, but somehow Edge manages to get to the outside, and MVP runs in, making this match up very credible. This was awesome, and I marked out huge for the run in, MVP kicks hardy in the face hard, and Edge brings a spear into the fray for the Win.

MVP’s run in made this match up the best match of the week! I’m not the biggest MVP fan, but this match is awesome just for that.

This was good, they stuffed a lot of wrestling into one hour, and even if it was only 3 major matches, there was enough wrestling to make this show worth watching. I liked it a lot.

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