Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ECW Review 8/5/2008 Lots of Talk

Matt Striker & Todd Grisham do the hosting tonight, Taz is not there. I hope this doesn’t become a regular thing, but Striker is good on the mic, I like him a lot. Maybe Taz is going to get the boot for Striker, he’s not half bad.

Evan Bourne & Ricky Ortiz defeated Bam & Chavo

What should have been a great match was really not that great at times, thanks to Chavo and Bam stinking the place up. Ricky Ortiz didn’t impress me that much, although he is quite the big guy, he does need a hair cut of sorts. Ortiz wasn’t much of a factor for the heels, as Evan Bourne put on a major show. He’s fast, he’s small, he’s amazing in comparison to the jaded style of Chavo and Bam. I liked the way the ending came out, but I don’t believe that this match was a classic in any sense of the word. In fact, it was kind of boring at times, but the length was no problem as Evan Bourne took the ending to new heights, figuratively and literally. This kid, has hops man, I hope they continue to let him keep his high flying move set, and I hope more cruiserweights join the roster, and a new division and championship forms out of its popularity.

Mike Knox In Ring Segment:

Mike Knox basically calls out Finlay, and says he’s not much of a fighter. Finlay comes out and this thing just diffuses. Knox doesn’t do crap, and we get a commercial break for our troubles. This didn’t do anything but make me upset, it was really stupid. It didn’t do anything at all, and this just proves that the ECW writing team doesn’t know how to finish or start a good feud. Unless Knox is forever a coward for not taking a shot at Finlay straight up…then again, I’m too tired to really analyze this one, take it for what it is worth…nothing.

Armando Estrada defeated Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer and Estrada, what a boring concept. Why is Dreamer still on ECW still? In fact why are we seeing another Estrada match up? No one wants to see this piece of crap match up, and the only thing that saved it for me was Collin Delaney’s interruption, causing Dreamer to lose this one with a roll up. That’s right, a ROLL UP! The original Extreme Athlete can’t kick out of a roll up? Seriously? This match sucked, and this is a low point in WWE programming this week.

Braden Walker defeated James Curtis

Braden used to be in TNA Wrestling, that’s for sure. Both these guys looked like jobbers to me. There wasn’t a whole lot to this match, it really played like an old weekend match up, rather than something that is of quality from the WWE. This match up was just bad, lots of rest holds and simple moves. Nothing really worthwhile, and once again WWE has hired a dud, or at least aren’t letting him do something more than just look stupid. Curtis, for being a jobber, really pushes Walker to the limit, and doesn’t help Walker win any fans, at least not smarter fans like myself. This guy sucks. Get him a feud, and maybe repackage him, right now, he’s just a jobber, and even Curtis evokes more of a reaction right now. Boring match, boring ending, stupid waste of time for me.

The Dirt Sheet Segment:

Miz and Morrison make fun of Tony Atlas, Mark Henry and one of the divas. It is hilarious, and this just made Mark Henry upset. Atlas and Henry came out and they were upset completely, and once in ring they stopped short of attacking the former tag champions. They then make fun of Matt Hardy in the same way, and this is too funny to me!

The whole thing ended with nothing major happening. Some beatdown here and there, but overall I was over this. ECW sucked this week.

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