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WWE Smackdown 8/15/2008 Review Summerslam Cometh

Due to some traffic and a slow moving line at Best Buy, I didn’t catch the first 45 minutes of Smackdown. So I’m going to be reviewing what I did see, and talking about the results as well. Sorry…I know, I know, I’m slacking. But I’ll make it up to you, all 3 readers, by reviewing WWE Summerslam 2008 this weekend as I finally saved enough money to get a ppv from the WWE. So expect a full ppv review this Sunday, right after Summerslam concludes. Until then, enjoy the Smackdown Review here!

The Brian Kendrick defeated Scotty Goldman

Scotty Goldman had a lot of charisma, and they had a good promo for him too. He played up the comedic angle, and he wasn’t half bad. I have never seen this guy before, and he actually put on an ok set of moves, considering he’s just a jobber for the most part. Kendrick landed The Kendrick for the win, but I was somewhat impressed by Scotty Goldman’s debut. I highly doubt he’s going to be going to be featured forever on the show. He really is one step above the jobber level. Ezekiel dropped Goldman after the match up with a shoulder block…innovative huh?

Triple H Interview:

Triple H’s forehead looked really bad. He’s getting old, and it’s not looking all that great. He was cutting the average HHH promo, and Kenny Dykstra comes out and interrupts him. Kenny, from the spirit squad, and the two are going to wrestling later tonight? Sounds stupid if you ask me, but what do I know? Triple H needs to drop the title, there is absolutely NO reason for him to be the champion right now.

The Great Khali In Ring Segment:

The Great Khali got on the mic and just started rambling. The crowd was yelling what the whole time, that was awesome, but I don’t like this. I wish there was another way for Khali to garner some heat. This in ring promo was stupid to me. I was really bored and wasn’t sure why the wwe is trying to get heel heat with Khali and his mouth piece. I hope Khali wins this weekend, Triple H sucks.

Triple H defeated Kenny Dykstra

Did anyone in the world believe that Kenny Dykstra could possibly defeat Triple H? I have no doubt that Triple H will never do the job to Kenny. Kenny did look impressive, I do give him that, and Triple H did look surprised, and I liked the way this match up began. This wasn’t half bad actually, and Kenny has improved since his Spirit Squad days. Triple H of course wasn’t going to let Kenny get in too many shots, and this match was over before it even got unhinged. Triple H made quick work of Kenny and Dykstra is reduced to nothing more than a jobber. So much for pushing new talent huh? Triple wins with the pedigree, and I highly doubt that anyone is surprised. If you are genuinely surprised by the result of this match, please stop reading my wwe blog, please, you’re obviously an idiot. Triple H looks horrible now, and Dykstra didn’t get much of a chance.

Post Match Triple H beat down Khali’s interpreter. Khali didn’t do a whole lot initially, but Triple H kept taunting him and in came Khali! I do not know how the WWE is going to get Triple H to beat such a huge guy, and even Undertaker lost to Khali at one point. Triple H hit Khali with a bunch of moves and was trying to hit the pedigree, but it just wasn’t working out all that well. Eventually, Triple H knocked Khali over the top rope and on came Motorhead to play his theme. (Not literally) This post match thing was stupid, and I’m sure diehard Triple H fans ate it up, but this is just cheap to me. Triple H took about a month off and didn’t promote his own match, Khali didn’t do much to garner attention, and now it is being shoved down our throats? Give me a break. The match was stupid, and if Khali doesn’t walk out the champion, I’m going to be upset.

The Big Show defeated Ryan Braddock

The Big Show is still employed? What the heck? He’s laughing and smiling? I thought he quit for a while? I don’t like The Big Show anymore, and I don’t want the big show laughing, smiling or looking at all interested with the fans. He’s not even that huge anymore, he’s been beaten before, he’s been made to look lame, and now he’s being force fed to us? The show hasn’t been relevant in a long time.

9:13 pm and we have a new jobber? Seriously? What is smackdown doing? They are putting in these jobbers, although they have some style, but come on! They just fired like 8 guys, and they hire these chumps? Seriously? The match wasn’t all that great, and why would it be? (to quote Don West) This match was horrible, and really predictable. The Big Show threw Braddock from end to end, then landed a huge right hand, for the three count. This wasn’t even a match, it was just a mauling, Big Show nearly killed this jobber. Why? The Show is lame. I can’t believe this is tonight’s Smackdown. Jobber central, this is stupid. Man, I’m so upset with the presentation on Smackdown right now. I know they didn’t want to hurt their Summerslam participants, but this is the best they could come up with? Seriously? I hated this Smackdown up to this point.

MVP Interview Segment:

MVP is gold on the mic! He pulls another great promo, and looks like he’s really into this whole program with Jeff Hardy. I’m surprised that the WWE is allowing MVP to basically freestyle through these segments, and shining! I haven’t seen this much charisma on the mic in a long time!

Victoria and Vickie Segment:

Victoria is so hot! I wish I could meet her and have a drink or two…or something else. Man, her boobs were just there…I’m sorry…this was weird. Vickie started getting frantic and Victoria rolled her away. Victoria was looking good, as a male, I couldn’t stop looking at her…I’m sorry, but she is a good wrestler and she is looking as good as ever. She must work out huh? I better stop before I get in trouble.

Vickie ends up going to a limo backstage, and right when she is going to get in, Edge shows up! This is lame too. I’m tired of this backstage crap.

Vladamir Kozlov defeated Festus

Finally, Kozlov is going to get some competition. I was waiting for this to happen, and the WWE finally gave Vladamir Kozlov some competition. The bell rang and Festus really brought a lot to Vladamir. This match looked stiff, and I’m not sure if that’s what Kozlov had planned, it almost looked like he was sucker punched in the face, and he then snapped. He was taking some liberties out there for sure, and Festus was hanging in there. After the initial brawl that opened this match up, the match went into “big guy” mode and there was a lot of rest holds and random power moves accomplished. I was rooting for Festus in this one, as I finally saw Kozlov looking weak, and thought for sure it was time to see his streak lose! This match got me hooked towards the end with the near falls and Kozlov looking genuinely upset, his face completely red and frustration written all over it. Festus was in complete control, and I thought for sure Festus had it, but as Festus leaped off his feat, Kozlov timed the head butt perfectly for the win.

This was the best match of the week. Kozlov, even with little fan reaction, made a believer out of me with the perfectly timed head butt and Festus really put a good match together. This match ruled! Give Kozlov more competition, he is intense!

Final Edge and Vickie Segment:

I was half asleep during this one. I’m not really buying all this edge stuff. It was good for a little bit, but now it’s just getting repetitive and tired. The show ended like last week. Edge terrorizing Vickie, which will most likely lead to Vickie orchestrating Edge’s loss this weekend. Apparently I didn’t miss much of Smackdown this week.

WWE Smackdown 8/15/2008 Quick Results:

Jeff Hardy def. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin - DQ - United States Championship Match
Natalya & Maryse def. Divas Champion Michelle McCool & Maria
The Brian Kendrick def. Scotty Goldman
Triple H def. Kenny Dykstra
Big Show def. Ryan Braddock
Vladimir Kozlov def. Festus

The Kozlov match was well worth it. I loved that match and thought it was Kozlov’s strongest outing. I am glad to see that they are starting to give him more competition. I hope this leads into a stronger push and maybe even some high profile matches with some better competition. He doesn’t need to be great on the mic, he can return a certain element of wrestling prowess to the ring, that has been missing a long time now.

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