Monday, May 5, 2008

Ashley Massaro Naked For Money

Ashley Massaro Nude

I'm not really sure how this all works out, nor how WWE is going to spin it into their favor.

One thing is for sure, Millions upon Millions of people are going to search into the details of Ashley Massaro's sordid past.

News broke out that the FBI found her name amongst a list of names that were under the employment of a high end call girl ring. Ashley was quick to post on her myspace that she is not involved at all.

Was she?

She was in playboy, and is a current diva....but before that? A high end call girl?

Why are pornstars celebrated and call girls not? I'm not talking about street workers, I'm talking about high end prostitution...isn't the line a little blurred?

Whatever the case is, Ashley's wwe future might come into jeopardy if the FBI start really snooping to find out that she was involved in more ways than one.

I wonder if Charlie Sheen knows her?

Ok, this post is definitely going nowhere, but if you're not aware...Ashley's in hot water right now.

Oh and Undertaker getting stripped of the title made me upset.

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