Saturday, May 31, 2008

Smackdown Before One Night Stand 5/30/2008

Smackdown rolled through some town that I don’t remember.

Matty Hardy wrestled none other than Elijah Burke, which is odd, because Matt Hardy hasn’t done anything productive with the United States title in a long time. I fear that the WWE have just appeased hardy for firing him way back when Edge and Lita had an affair. The whole thing is just lame for Hardy, as he’s never going to get out of midcard hell.

Finlay wrestled what looked like Slash of Guns’n Roses. I still don’t like Chuck Palumbo, he reminds me too much of “Undertaker” lite. Doesn’t he remind you of Biker taker? The match was stale, and probably will be built into a feud. I feel bad for Finlay, because he could be so over and have a huge run towards the upper midcard, but instead he’s slopping it up with some random no name.

CM Punk really showed up to wrestle, and even though Stephanie McMahon and others have put him on their crap list, He still comes through and entertains the crowd so well, that it makes me a fan.

Batista and Big Show made quick work over the Edge fan club, and wasn’t much of a match up at all.

Shannon Moore got killed.

Once again proving that in the wwe, there is no hope for the cruiserweights.

MVP showed up...only to bury Jamie Noble. Sadly, my above point was true again.

Michelle McCool and Maryse showed off a few new improvements, but it was last week’s replay that had me enjoying smackdown and the divas. The submission victory was rather interesting.

The finale, was ok, but the best part was seeing Edge getting thrown off the top of the ladder, and the table breaking at the end of the show.

I’m going to be getting ppv once again, as I’ve gotten duped by the WWE into believing that One Night Stand will be amazing, I hope so, I don’t usually have a lot of money.

Smackdown Quick Results 5/30/2008

United States Champion Matt Hardy def. Elijah Burke (non-title)
Finley def. Chuck Palumbo (disqualifacation)
CM Punk def. John Morrison
Batista & Big Show def. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
MVP defeats Jamie Noble
Vladimar Kozlov def. Shannon Moore
Michelle McCool def. Maryse (submission)

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