Saturday, May 24, 2008

Smackdown Review 5/23/2008

This week's smackdown almost put me to sleep..but here is my review of's not picture heavy, as I'm not really feeling good, but maybe next

Deuce, Domino & Maryse def. Jesse, Festus & Cherry

This match was awesome! Cherry took some big bumps, then took a kick to the face that she wasn't even ready for, and BOOOM! Knocked out! What a great ending.

Other than that, I didn't care for this match.

Finlay def. Chuck Palumbo

Finlay is really getting over, I guess he's turning face now. Palumbo is still Undertaker light, but what can I do?

Batista def. MVP

Batista and Mvp was set up thanks to the MVP show getting interrupted. My wife and I were laughing due to the fact that batista was making a joke out it. He was making Bruce Lee motions and everything, if you missed it, you really missed out.

The match was ok, but WWE is totally burying MVP now.

Vladimir Kozlov def. Nunzio

This was a throwaway match up. I don't care about the Russian guy, I don't care about the Italian guy...who cares.

United States Champion Matt Hardy & Kofi Kingston def. Shelton Benjamin & Elijah Burke

This wasn't half bad, but I feel that the U.S Title needs a lot more emphasis and putting the champion in a tag team match doesn't help out the overall perception of the title. This match was good though, probably best in the night.

Undertaker def. Chavo Guerrero

There was no chance in Hell that Chavo was going to walk out the winner in this one. I also noticed that Chavo is looking a little light, maybe he's off the juice!

Remember him in WCW? He wasn't that jacked, and in fact was really small.

Here's a classic for you, part 2 of Chavo Guerrero vs. Ultimo Dragon at WCW's Spring Stampede.

Notice how small Chavo is...seriously, he's not that big...

Whatever the case is, Undertaker squashed Chavo. Chavo's clout has gone down a lot since losing the ECW title, and I'm not sure if he can ever recover.

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