Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ECW Episode 101 5/13/2008

ECW returned to Sci-Fi for their 101 episode last night and it wasn’t all that great. It had a few moments, but it seems like they keep pushing the tag champions as singles wrestlers, and will most likely hot shot the tag titles at the ppv…if anything.


Miz has showed some improvement, which is a little odd, considering I liked to rail on him for not being a “real” wrestler. Punk carried the match, but Miz held his own.


The divas on ECW bore me. The divas in general bore me…they need to just give up on the women’s division.

Mike Knox defeated Colin Delaney in a match to soften up Colin for round two of Armando Estrada’s vendetta. Colin got two losses, and proves that he’s only good to bump, and not to gain momentum in the ECW show.


John Morrison fought Kane, and then Miz joined in for a beatdown.

Once again, they are pushing the two as singles wrestlers only to hot shot the titles for Punk and Kane…Ecw is a shadow of its former self.

ECW Quick Results 5/13/2008
WWE Tag Team Champion The Miz def. CM Punk
Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool & Cherry def. Layla, Victoria & Natalya
Mike Knox def. Colin Delaney
Armando Estrada def. Colin Delaney
WWE Tag Team Champion John Morrison def. ECW Champion Kane

Interesting links:
The Hardy Boyz have a new 2 disc dvd set and it is out now, check out it here.


  1. On the divas--All over the WWE, booking needs to crap or get off the pot. Do they want pretty ladies who don't get their hands dirty, or do they want them to wrestle?

    If they want wrestlers, they're a good portion of the way there, if last night was any indication. They've got Jim Neidhart's daughter, for crying out loud! They've actually got divas who can wrestle! They have others who might be teachable too--but no one's going to know that when everyone's busy making Victoria wear tights and coming up with whatever the hell Cherry wore last night. Gah!

    You want women who can wrestle? Hire Madusa--she trained a good portion of WCW's female roster back in the day, and there's dozens of others who could jump into trainer spots as well. It wouldn't be tough to make a decent women's division, unless WWEs motivation is simply to show off eye candy once a week. In that case, hiring The Glamazon, Natalya, Michelle McCool and the other great talent at WWEs fingertips is just plain moronic.

    Either put the talents these and other ladies HAVE to use or quit pretending WWE gives a crap about the women's division and release them to places who will truly put them to good use.

    Once again, sorry for the hijack. But I had to put a 2 cents' worth in after watching what was starting to actually look like a women's match last night.

  2. My 2 cents on the WWE divas...they do seem to keep having a lot of big tag matches just to keep the divas on display, rotated between shows. I think with the right storylines and having them accompany wrestlers to the ring, interfering in title matches, etc..They probably could get more interest. Right now it seems as is there's maybe half the divas who can wrestler and half who need training. ECW could be a great show if they did the right things to it..



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