Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Raw Is Hilarious 5/19/2008 Review

Hardy & Umaga
Way to go WWE, feed us Hardy vs Umaga again! This is just poorly done. The match was ok, but I’ve already seen it so many times that it bored me in a way.

This of course reminded me of the summer of 1998, where we saw The Rock fight Triple H every ppv, every raw, and every house show for about a year.

Don’t agree with me?

Well then what do you think about the announcement that Jeff Hardy will face Umaga at One Night Stand in a Falls Count Anywhere Match? If you ask me, this sounds like Hardy vs. Abyss 2 (Hardy fought Abyss in a falls count anywhere match for TNA on ppv a few years ago)

S&M Divas
The divas come out and bore me. But as a man…a very gross man at times…I couldn’t help but think how hot these chicks are…too bad they can’t wrestle.

On second thought, this picture...wow...wow...

I’d rather go back to the Booker T & Goldust funny commercials.

Jericho and Batista? Making fun of HBK! Now this was interesting and having HBK run down was also interesting. The match was ok, and given more time could end up being a very good feud.

Too bad that Batista will now face HBK at One Night Stand in a stretcher match…way to throwaway a good feud.

On second thought, I wonder if this is going to be built into a bigger feud…with Y2J being guest referee on a ppv for HBK vs. Batista 3 and Y2J screws over Batista on his way to a match at the next ppv with Batista, only to get a dq finish and then subsequently get into a Hell in the Cell match, which would relive the 1997 3rd quarter. Which introduced Kane…if you remember that line of events.

Piper’s Pit! Santino is hilarious! Man oh man, if you missed it, you missed a hilarious romp through some great comedic timing. Santino might be the best on mic worker the WWE has right now.

Regal Kennedy? What? Kennedy is on a roll, and well…it didn’t help Regal at all that he was on the juice or on some kind of juice as the WWE has suspended Regal for 60 days for violating the wellness policy yet again.

This match sucked, by the way.

The last bit of Raw goodness was just sour. HHH and John Cena teamed up to wrestle JBL and Randy Orton. Boring match, leading to a boring couple of matches for last man standing, and making me tired this morning, once again…the WWE is just doing it all wrong.

Remember the last time JBL fought John Cena in a “I Quit Match”? JBL talked a lot of crap only to quit in the end. John Cena and JBL will fight in a First Blood match for One Night Stand….creating a horrible card.

They will also have a Last Man Standing Match for the WWE title at One Night Stand…with HHH fighting Randy Orton yet again!

Randy Orton should be demoted to the lower midcard, he’s already had several shots at the title…it’s over dude…it’s over. Work your way up the ladder into another shot, not just what you’re doing now.

Done deal.

Quick Raw Results 5/20/2008

Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga (Double Countout)
Beth Phoenix def. Maria
Batista def, Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho (Winner faces Shawn
Michaels at One Night Stand)
Mr. Kennedy def. William Regal (Loser Gets Fired No Disqualification Match)
Randy Orton & JBL def. WWE Champion Triple H & John Cena

One Night Stand 2008 Card So Far:

Last Man Standing Match For The WWE Championship
Triple H © vs. Randy Orton
First Blood Match
John Cena vs. JBL
Stretcher Match
Batista vs. HBK
Falls Count Anywhere
Jeff hardy vs. Umaga

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