Thursday, May 1, 2008

Santino Busted Drinking and Driving

Santino Drunk Driving

Santino, the funniest thing to happen to wwe in a long time, was caught drinking and driving! That's right, good ol' Santino gets a DUI!

I'm not surprised.

After reading the books from professional wrestlers, watching the dvd's where stars talk about the 80's, drinking and driving just doesn't surprise me when in context of the WWE or wrestling in general.

Is this the end of the push of Santino?

I for one think that his push towards Tag Team gold might end.

But one thing to consider....does WWE pay so low that the mid-card to upper level card has to drive their own cars to and from events? How sad is this crap?

Whatever the case is, Santino is an idiot for doing this, mistake or not. This reminds me of the time when Sabu and Rvd got busted for marijuana possession; where are they now?


Santino...good luck...and good night.

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