Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Raw Before Backlash 5/12/2008

Alright, Raw’s last hope before the big event this weekend really did a good job shaking things up, and kept me interested with a few sore spots to work out.

First and foremost, the women’s match was lame. I’m tired of seeing the same match ups and the same old botched moves. Someone please shoe WWE a TNA’s women’s division tape.

Hot Rod coming out to a nice ovation was awesome, I enjoyed seeing good ol’ Piper out there. The tag team title match had me glad, but the execution of the match was really poor. The match quality was low and it didn’t do a lot of things to move forward the tag division. Although, it does look like WWE is hearing critics that said a title defense hasn’t been had in a long time. Moreover, the match was a quick one and while the interference by Roddy Piper was interesting on one point, the match itself was really short, considering how long these two teams have been wrestling each other. I could have done without this match, and I’m sure a rematch will probably happen at the ppv.

Mr. Kennedy came out and squashed Snitsky. Remember when Snitsky was a monster heel and was defeating people left and right. Well, in true WWE form, they squashed him fast. How long before he gets fired?

Jeff Hardy returns and didn’t miss a step. He went over on Umaga, who also used to be a hard opponent for most of the roster. Looks like Umaga might get fired soon too…good riddance.

Cryme Tyme’s match looked really cool until after the match Lance Cade turned on Murdoch. Once again the WWE screws up their tag team division by inciting a split between two members that form one of the only tag team championship caliber teams.

What next? Will they split up Cryme Tyme Too?

Randy Orton vs. John Cena with Y2J as the special guest referee was near PPV quality and had a lot of action, which surprised me. The length could’ve been longer, but I was genuinely enjoying this one, and while the outcome wasn’t what I thought should’ve happened, it did a great job building up the ppv. Although, I would have appreciated more HBK in the ending, but what happened instead was a cage lowered and Orton and HHH had their last minute feud fight before the big cage match.

Orton looked weak in the end, and will most likely lose this Sunday.

Overall Raw was ok, but not nearly as incredible as some of the late 90’s Austin era Raw’s. However, it did pick up the action, and involved a lot of intertwining feuds. The ppv should be interesting, and ECW tonight should do slightly better than most weeks past.

Quick Raw Results 5/12/2008

World Tag Team Champions Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes def. Carlito & Santino Marella
Mr. Kennedy def. Snitsky
Maria & Ashley def. Melina & Beth Phoenix
Jeff Hardy def. Umaga
Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch def. Cryme Tyme
Randy Orton def. John Cena

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