Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ECW Poop Results 5/27/2008

ECW came through with yet another show of stupidity and bad commentary, but it couldn’t help itself…it’s just how it is, right?

Tommy Dreamer lost to Big Show. A jobber is all the original ECW wrestler really is.

Mike Knox is still on ECW? Kofi Kingston bounces back from last weeks loss, and actually makes ECW kind of worth watching.

Chavo defeats C.M. Punk! What? Punk is definitely not doing so well lately, especially since losing the ECW championship, and I’m not sure how Chavo got the rub on this one, considering he also has done the jobber role this year, also since losing the ECW championship.

Why does the WWE continue to bury the tag champions? I’m not sure. Kane didn’t win this match, but come on, seriously, come on!

Mike Adamle’s commentary is almost bearable, but still is a line below horrible. I remember when Michael Cole started, I hated him too, but he was never as bade as Adamle.

Rumors are swirling that ECW may not exist in a few months, and in fact, with ratings so low, ECW might merge with Raw on Monday nights. We’ll see what happens.

We also saw a glimpse of what may be to come, Kane vs. Big Show? It could happen.

ECW May 27,2008 Quick Results
Big Show def. Tommy Dreamer
Kofi Kingston def. Mike Knox
Chavo Guerrero def. CM Punk
ECW Champion Kane vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison (No Contest)

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  1. Yeah I'd have to agree with you about Punk..very strange to have him as "Mr. Money in the Bank" yet he seems to be on a downward spiral..It's almost as if Edge will take the briefcase away from him. I think Kane vs. Big Show could make things interesting, and whatever goes down with the big WWE draft in a few weeks could help the roster out a lot..



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