Thursday, April 26, 2007

Critics Passing By The Condemned

", which aggregates movie reviews from around the country, currently has The Condemned at a 17%, which means that only 17% of the reviews that have come in so far have been positive. It's still early as there are only 12 reviews for the film, and that number may go up or down. Of the 12 reviews for the film so far, only 2 have been positive while the remaining 10 have been negative"

src - Wrestling Inc. (left side news links)

Apparently the critics do not like the movie whatsoever. This is not surprising, critics hate most movies. I am even a dvd movie critic and I have a hard time enjoying some movies because there is not a whole lot of good things coming out.

However, I do believe that the people reviewing the films are outside of the realm of understanding and knowledge of who Stone Cold Steve Austin is.

Maybe this movie is for diehard fans, but I think the critics maybe wrong.

I certainly think this film has more crossover appeal than "The Marine" did, but we'll have to wait till Monday to get the definitive answer.

I say a thumbs up is in order for Stone Cold.


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