Friday, April 27, 2007

Rob Van Dam Goes To Tna-Nwa

That is the new headline that is going to be all over the news. At least the wrestling news, which is something great. Rob Van Dam has been buried in the ECW story lines ever since he lost the WWE title the night after ECW's One Night Stand.

So what's next?

Well news broke today that RVD rejected the new contract. Th contract details are not available, but I doubt that RVD wants to be jobbed right now. He can be a main even player and he has been on many occasions, but it appears that the WWE just don't want to utilize him in that capacity, even if all the fans in the world are cheering for him.

I do not believe that WWE is going to do a lot to keep RVD, since they are grooming C.M Punk to take over the ECW headlining spot. That seems to be the case tuesday to tuesday.


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