Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ECW Review 4/24/07 C.M Punk Trashes New Breed

ECW Rolled into jolly old England with a major event planned. So here is my review, not necessarily in order, just my recollection.

Bobby Lashley defeat Umaga via DQ

Lashley got some major offense, but Umaga was not shy about landing some stiff blows. Lashley has no major ring psychology and hits his standard moves before the DQ occurs and the match is officially declared a squash. This proves once again, nothing! This match was bad news for ECW as a whole. ECW stood for extreme championship wrestling, this was anything but extreme, and it bored me.

Snitsky defeated Balls Mahoney in a short match.

Snitsky is a horrible wrestler. Mahoney is only good when Rotten and him are teaming up. This match was so short that I could not respectfully give it enough attention. It was a quick squash.

The ECW Originals (RVD, Sabu, Sandman, Dreamer defeated The New Breed

The originals are tired and injured. This proved to be true as the final two were RVD and Burke in what was an entertaining elimination match. I would also like to note that CM Punk was ringside and not a part of the match up. After some offensive flurries, Punk cost Burke the match and RVD gets the pinfall. This course led to a confrontation between Punk and Burke with Punk delivering his finisher as the cameras left the ECW show.

Overall this edition of ECW was horrible. It was better than raw in some parts, but overall I was tired of seeing the disappointing stars of ECW try to work the crowd. Two out of three of the matches were complete throw away matches. Punk is over, but this story line is confusing. Is he Heel or is he Face? Is he going to swerve again?
What he needs to do is challenge RVD into a match, put on a 4 star classic, then get a rematch in which falls count anywhere or something, then have RVD turn heel and Punk turn face.
Sound familiar?

Austin vs. Hart II (Submission match) at Wrestlemania did this so well that Austin was launched as a major star while Hart took so much heat that it carried him through the rest of 1997, before he got screwed at Montreal.


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