Friday, April 27, 2007

TNA Impact Review 4/27/07 Sting vs. Angle Letdown

Tna Wrestling seems to be worse than the WWE at making decisions for their matches.

That’s right. I said it.

Sting Vs. Kurt Angle

This should have been the dream match of a lifetime! Sting vs. Angle should have stolen the show. Instead it turns into a double dq within less than 10 minutes of the bell ringing. What kind of stuff is that?

We get a headlock, a reversal, then action spilling outside of the ring, and then Team Cage drops in and ruins the hole thing. Why TNA, why?

Then we get an announcement that Christian Cage will wrestle Sting for the belt tonight on impact!

Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt v. Kaz & Alex Shelley v. Senshi & Shark Boy
(This is a Suicide Stampede, meaning you can't tag in your own partner. Winners will square off in a Triple Threat with Chris Sabin at Sacrifice for the X Division Title.)

Jay Lethal is no longer Jay Lethal, he’s Black Machismo which is a complete rip-off of the Macho Man Randy Savage. Complete mannerisms and all, which is upsetting to me, but he does a good job emulating the superstar.

The match had so many high spots and no psychology, that I felt somewhat odd. It was a spot fest, and not really a good match in that regard. However, It was more enjoyable than most WWE Cruiserweight title matches.

Sonjay Dutt & Black Machismo win the match.

The match later on is said to be one of those famous stipulation matches where no one can interfere or the title will change hands.

A segment airs, but I go to the bathroom, as I hear it is not a match.

Team 3-D vs. Steiner & Tomko

This match is your typical tag match. If you have seen one Team 3-D match you’ve seen them all. These are big guys, so they do not move very fast, but it is still action packed. After some offense from the heel’s, Team 3-D hits the 3-D and get the win over the two big men.

Sting vs. Christian Cage (Championship Match)

An ok match, fast paced and lacking substance, but at least TNA stayed true and did not cop out a non-title match at the end. It was a full title match. The ending came when Kurt Angle ran down with his neck brace on and attacks Cage allowing him to retain the title. Sting gets the bat and hits Angle, causing the match to get even more interesting, although he did lose already.
The overall review of Impact is mediocre. It is not a second to WWE in a lot of ways. I do admire the fact that they stuck to their guns and let there be a world title match at the end with the title being on the line, even though I do not agree with the DQ decision.


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