Thursday, April 19, 2007

WWE Smackdown Preview 4/20/07 Smackdown Celebrates 400 Episodes

"The show will kick off with a grudge match, as former World Heavyweight Champion Batista squares off with angry Irishman Finlay. Also on the show, Deuce & Domino will get another chance to challenge London & Kendrick for the WWE Tag Team Championship, and in the main event, World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker will meet Mr. Money in the Bank, Mr. Kennedy."

src - WWE

The story will unfold this week as the 400th episode of WWE Smackdown will be unveiled. There are two matches already announced:

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:

Duece & Domino vs. London & Kendrick

Special Grudge Match:

Finlay vs. Batista

These matches are going to go off the chart, as Smackdown comes to us from Italy yet again.

400 Episodes is nothing to laugh at, that is for sure, and the show must go off, this Friday night!


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