Thursday, April 26, 2007

WWE Is Not Moved By Mistico Yet

"Although there is no real talk on the subject, Mistico's CMLL contract expires in June. WWE didn't sign him after his tryout in February because they were led to be believe that he was under a long-term contract to CMLL"

CMLL apparently was lying or something because Mistico's contract is expiring in June. that is correct, June!

I showed off some videos of Mistico on here before and if you have not seen him. Imagine a younger, faster, bigger, Rey Mysterio Jr. This guy does triple corkscrews and lands on his feet. He can do things that Rey Jr. never could do, even in his prime.

Mistico in the WWE would ruin his career. From what I've read online, through many sources, they want Mistico to take his mask off and learn to wrestle the more dumbed down version of wrestling. This of course would make the guy not as good as before.

WWE dropped the ball with many mexican stars in the past, and I can not see them doing well with the character or even letting him do what he does best.


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