Friday, April 27, 2007

HBK and Batista Arrogant to Fans

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that Batista and HBK are jerks. A fans report includes detailed information that Batista would not even look at people when signing autographs. I am inclined to believe this because he has been very arrogant in the way he has dealt with the media and fans in general. I do not know why they allow wrestlers to not be nice.

I remember Bret Hart, and others were always nice when I met them, but these new guys are being jerks.

I'm surprised to hear that HBK was called a jerk too. He apparently was not feeling so hot signing autographs for kids in the UK.

I remember meeting Mick Foley, that guy was really nice. He called me George, but I told him it was Jorge, he was a cool guy. He certainly did not act like he was too good for us or anything.

But then again, I wasn't there, at the time of these signings. So maybe things maybe unfair.

Source -Wrestlng Inc.


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