Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ECW Revew 4/18/07 Punk Sucks & The Old ECW GUYS are REALLY OLD Right now

ECW rolled into Italy with all the stars of the new breed and a couple of has beens from the old ECW.

Snitsky def. Little Guido

Snitsky is the worst wrestler ever, and little Guido was in his home town. It was a ridiculous show of stupidity and it was anything but extreme. This is a disgrace to the brand and I hope ECW fails because of this.

Tommy Dreamer & Sandman def. Kevin Thorn & Marcus Cor Von

Tommy Dreamer & Sandman are so old that this match was not even that good. Why? Because an aging Tommy Dreamer & Sandman are not going to be performing the high risk offense that made them famous nearly a decade ago. So why are we still trying to make them look good?

Rob Van Dam def. Elijah Burk

Rob Van Dam is an amazing athlete, regardless of what anyone says. He can go, as illustrated in his No Mercy match against Steve Austin & Kurt Angle, however, in this match he does not shine. This match was a waste of my time, and I just wished that there was more Extreme spots to warrant the ECW name.

Also on the show, CM Punk causes the loss, and therefore continuing the storyline of the new breed vs. the old...Punk sucks...someone give him a pair of cut off jeans.


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