Monday, April 30, 2007

WWE Backlash 2007 Review & Results Cena Still Champion, Mcmahon New Champion

World Tag Team Champions The Hardys def. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

This match was typical fare. Lance Cade & Travor Murdoch annoy me because they don't have a single name to call themselves as a unit. so I'm tired of spelling their names out! Anyways, the match was fast paced, although Cade & Murdoch tried to slow things down a little, but the Hardy's quickly got back into the swing of things, and the next thing you know, Hardys win! That's right, the expected happened. Hardys win and the jobbers are put back into their place. I do not even know why the WWE pushes the jobbers to a ppv, sure they are faithful, but no one cares for them.

Women's Champion Melina def. Mickie James

Why do they make me watch wrestlers that can't wrestle? Women's wrestling has gone a long way in the modern times, but these two aren't that good. Mickie James is a little better than Melina, but overall this match was dumb. I wanted to go to sleep.

United States Champion Chris Benoit def. MVP

Surprise, Surprise, Chris Benoit wins again! MVP is horrible, although he's improving, he lacks the charisma of say...Ken Kennedy, who is picking up wrestling like a natural. Chris Benoit shows off his well planned out discourse of pain, as he throws MVP from left to right and all around, MVP gets some shots in, but not enough for the win. MVP loses again. Now lets see Kennedy take the belt and run with it!

Mr. McMahon (pinfall), Shane McMahon & Umaga def. ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley (Handicap Match; new ECW World Champion)

McMahon is the new ECW champion? That's ridiculous. This is so stupid. But I did not like it as much as the 99' Royal Rumble victory for McMahon, which was the pinnacle of McMahon's evil run. The three characters manage to pull one over on Bobby Lashley, but not without some major trauma to the former champion. I'm surprised Umaga did not pick up the win. The match was fair, but it was exactly what I figured would happen.

This is a sad day for the ECW title.

World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker vs. Batista (Draw; Last Man Standing Match)

Undertaker and Batista tore the house down, literally. Both men were knocked out in a very cleverly booked match to make each man look strong.

Remember the last time this happened?

I do.

St. Valentines Day Massacre: Mankind vs. The Rock last man standing. The Rock and Foley were both knocked out and could not continue. Leading for a title change on raw in a few weeks. So what ends up happening now?

I am not sure.

But I do believe that the Undertaker is not going to be a long term champion, and I believe that there is going to be Ken Kennedy barking up his tree soon. But will he be the one to take the title? Maybe.

I think WWE still likes Batista, but enough to garner a long title reign?

I'm not sure about that either.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels (Fatal Four Way Match)

This match was insane. There were spots, and then more spots, and I thought for sure Cena was going to lose the match. The odds were stacked too high, they turned this match out! It was a good match, but too much going on to warrant greatness. It was just overloaded with talent, and although I'm not a big fan of all the participants, but hey, I gave the match a chance. The ending was cool, and made Cena look vulnerable. Something that needed to get done in a long time.

So after all is said and done, the Backlash ppv was alright at best. The maches were plotted nicely, but the overall feel was not that great. The main event was better than most, but the card seemed light. The match was booked solid, and had a few dropped spots in my view, but it made its point, told a story and was at least better than most that I've seen lately.


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