Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chat with Stone Cold Steve Austin

If the nation’s largest digital voice network and fewest dropped calls aren’t enough to make you switch over to Cingular, now part of the new AT&T, maybe you will make the switch because “Stone Cold” says so!

This Monday (6:15 p.m. Eastern and 3:15 p.m. Pacific), WWE fans with Cingular service will have an opportunity to text chat live with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin himself! Hear all about The Texas Rattlesnake’s new movie The Condemned, ask the 6-time WWE Champion your burning questions or just shoot the breeze while you enjoy your favorite cold beverage.

If you have Cingular, text COLD to 25656 now to join (standard message rates apply). You will be glad you did.

Apparently you are going to be able to chat with the big guy, that's right, the biggest name in professional wrestling, other than Hogan. You can chat with Stone Cold Steven Austin, which will make things cool for those of you that have Cingular.

I'm sure they are going to be asking questions about his upcoming movie: The Condemned. It is going to be spectacular.


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